Modified Strike Cruiser (contributed by Ace Antilles)


When you add the Mod Strike Cruiser into the game, in Skirmish the string shows up as G/2 for Golan 2 not M/SC. Draconious has worked out the way to fix this.

The whole Mod Strike cruiser is in the exe and working, however the object slot by passes the data slot for that ship and uses the Golan 2 station slot, I don't even think the Golan 2 slot would have lined up with the Mod Strike slot in BoP... basically 1 simple byte/long byte, change will fix the Mod Strike Cruiser. Then all you need is to add the OPT file. (for those that don't have it.)

Edit the XWINGALLIANCE.EXE with a Hex Editor and go to:

approx. 02075527h 001FAB87d you will find:

00 43 00 A3 00 00 00 5F 00

Change A3(163) to 8C(141)

Decimal: 2075532 ??

This will stop telling XwA to use the Golan 2 for the Mod Strike Cruiser and instead actually use the Mod Strike Cruiser for the Mod Strike Cruiser.

The Modified Strike Cruiser Opt is available from XvT Technologies.