Pilot Editing (contributed by Ace Antilles).


You can add a new Opt to your Tech database by creating a new mission with the ship in and playing it. It should appear in the database.

If you are stuck or cannot make missions you can edit the PLT file of your pilot.
Open it in a HEX editor (see links at end) and go to the decimal location of the ship to add. Change the entry to "01" and it will work. Here are some examples from the start:

X-wing Decimal: 68763. Offset: 0101010101010101

Modified Strike Cruiser Decimal: 68854

TIE Experimental 1 Decimal: 68876

Booster Pack Decimal: 68886

StarViper Decimal: 68888

New OPTS Line: Spec 184 - Decimal: 68946

Spec 231 - Decimal: 68993