XWA Awards

The awards live in /frontres/medals/ but beyond that I do not know much.

There are three list files, familyawards.txt, Medals.txt, and Medals.lst and information within fronttxt.txt.

Familyawards.txt seems to contain the information for the various souvenirs you collect within your cabin. Each souvenir has three lines, the first is the number of the mission the souvenir is awarded for, the second is the description that pops up when the cursor is passed over it in the cabin, and the third is the descriptive text (or so the template says).
However when I deleted some lines and restarted (with a temporary pilot) so that "Selu Nameplate" was listed as being awarded for mission 1 I found that the "Key to Harlequin Station" still showed up and with its correct title, but with the text for "Selu Nameplate" as a description.
However when I ttried editing Fronttxt.txt as well I managed to get the cursor description (and title) to what I wanted, the descriptive text to what I wanted, but the picture was still "Key to Harlequin Ststion".

Then when I tried changing the first few numbers to 1 so to try to get several awards for the first mission (another restart and temporary pilot) it only showed the "Key to Harlequin Station".

Medals.txt is a list of numbers which looked to be what mission a medal is awarded for. I tried changing them all to 0 (with another restart/temp pilot) and this gave me all the medals for flying the first mission as well as the medal ceremony (where the R2 gave me the Endor medal).
Medals.lst looks like a list of associations between the medals and what picture they equal.

I do not see however any list of association between the souvenirs and their pictures, or between the pictures and when they are dispayed.

I would suggest that the souvenirs have a mission number they are given before ("Key for Harlequin Station" given before mission 1) while the medals have a mission number they are given after.

When the link I am missing is found so that the awards are fully understood (and I admit that I haven't been working on it myself for a while) fresh awards can be made with Psychics method.