Nathaniel Haddock(abt 1688-?)/Elizabeth Richards(?-?)
Married 1708 in Rugeley

Thomas Haddock(1709-?)/Anne????(1710-?)
Married 1738 in Alrewas

Thomas Haddock(1738-?)/Ann Ellis(1740-?)
Married 1760 in Kidderminster

James Haddock(1779-?)/Elizabeth Brettell(1790-?)
Married about 1806(in Enville?)

Andrew Haddock(1807-?)/Elizabeth Horton(1807-?)
Married 1830 in Cradley

Charles Haddock(1842-?)/Fanny Drinkall(1837-1910)
Married about 1865 in ???

John Drinkall Haddock(1875-1910)/Henrietta Holland(1874-1958)
Married 1897 in Gleadless,Sheffield

John Francis Haddock(1904-79)/Winifred Mayland(1905-85)
Married 1929 in Sheffield Cathedral

John William Haddock(1938)/Kay Nayler(1940-70)
Married in Firvale,Sheffield 1959

John William Haddock(1938)/Pauline Battye (nee Daff 1936)
Remarried in Psalter Lane,Sheffield 1971

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