Hey! Mikey, remember you said..

Hakkinen is a F$%^ing amatuer!!!!!!!!!! How often does Schumie make stupid mistakes like that? Well read on, and this is just for 1 season! What else has been going on?

The 1998 season was interesting and exciting. Sadly Schumacher had to use illegal stuff on his car and had to play unfair on the track and in the media to accomplish what he has accomplished (not much, 2nd AGAIN! hehe)

Read the articles of every race and think back again..... maybe you can still remember what he did.........

Ferrari up in smoke! He He He (450k)



We all remember when Scum-macher was at Benetton, and those two awful years when the FIA allowed him to win his two Championships. Remember the persistent rumours that Scum-macher was driving with illegal electronic driver aids such as traction control? The only problem was that the FIA could not prove that Scum-macher was cheating because they could never catch him red-handed.

The 1998 season sees Scum-macher and his old Benetton friends back together, this time at Ferrari - Ross Brawn, Rory Byrne and Scum-macher. Well, there is one more ex-Benetton engineer who is now at Ferrari Ė a low-profile Polish electronics engineer named TAD CZAPSKI. Tadís specialty is ENGINE MAPPING Ė in other words Ė TRACTION CONTROL, which is banned by the FIA.

Back to your old tricks Scum-i? You are living proof that you canít teach an old dog new tricks.

According to F1 Racing, Tad works ONLY for Scum-macher, and not Eddie Irvine. Tadís secret laptop computer is apparently off limits to all but a few Ferrari team members...WHY?

In Austria, Ron Dennis informed Ferrari that he intended to protest to the FIA about the legality of Scum-macherís F300 following three straight wins in Canada, France and Britain.

What a surprise, in the next race Scum-macher was UNCOMPETITIVE at Hockenheim, his home GP!!!!! Furthermore, Tad Czapski was MYSTERIOUSLY ABSENT ... [either: 1. we had better call Mulder and Scully, or 2. Scum-macher has been cheating.]

Most of us saw the picture of Scum-macherís Ferrari with the rear right brake disc glowing by itself (in June 1998 F1 Racing). McLarenís brake system was banned, but Scum-macher is so arrogant that he thinks the rules donít apply to him.

All of this proves that Scum-macher is simply a bad looser. When he cannot win, he cheats by ramming his opponents off the track at critical moments (Damon Hill, Adelaide 1994, Jacques Villeneuve, Jerez 1997) and then COMPLAINS that it is ALWAYS SOMEONE ELSEíS FAULT.

If this is not bad enough, many people have accused Scum-macher of CHEATING by using traction control and illegal braking systems.
Here's the evidence!
As you can see at his rear tire, it's glowing on a part of the track where it SHOULDN'T glow! So it's TRACTION CONTROL. That's illegal.

It is time for Scum-macher to come clean and drive a legal car like everyone else.
And I predict he never will do that!

Australian GP at Melbourne

He didn't do anything wrong here. He simply blew up his own engine. End of story, haha.



 Brazilian GP at Interlagos


Here Irvine is leading Scum-i in the race. After some talking with the team Irvine let him by SUPER-SIMPLE. No style I think. He simply can't stand it when he is out-driven by a team mate. He wants a No.1 status in a team, OR HE LEAVES. to put it another way he can do anything in F1. Using Scum-macher's sportsmanship even Ricardo Rosset would win championships!


Argentine GP at Buenos Aires


Here Scum-macher pushes David Coulthard out of the way. Under a yellow flag situation!!!!

David Coulthard spins and has to go on with his race a couple of places back in the field. Scum-macher drives on. No punisment is given!!!



Here he is overtaking a Benneton. You can simply SEE he JUST TURNS in to the corner without thinking about the safety of the other diver. HE thinks he is alone on the circuit!! No punishment is given. Not even a warning, zilch, squat, nought!!!  


    San Marino GP at Imola  



Spanish GP at Barcelona


  Fisichella was a danger for Scum-i for the rest of the race. Scumacher had a little chat with the team, and after that Irvine was holding Fisichella up BADLY. The Italian got angry and afterwards they went off the track. Irvine wasn't to blame for the phisical accident, but more about the other part of the accident. I think if a team has to get pionts/wins like this it isn't RACING anymore! It is just VERY LOW!! No punishment is given, and NO WARNIG!


Monaco GP at Monte Carlo


  Here Scum-macher tries to overtake Wurz. Wurz doesn't let it happen. But Scum-i CAN't stand he isn't past him and tries AGAIN!! They hit each other and Scum-i has to make a pit stop for several MINUTES. Wurz was lucky nothing happened to him after some part of the car broke on the straight at the tunnel. A very Stupid action from Scum-macher!!! Again NO WARNING!! At the end Schumacher was 10th, and in front of him drove Diniz. Diniz was 6th and 4 laps in FRONT of Scum-i. In the LAST lap Scum-i crashes with Diniz at the end of the straight under the tunnel. He losses his front wing. Happily for Diniz he can drive on and get his well awarded point which Scum-i ALMOST took away with his CHEATING action! Again NO WARNING, NO punishment!


Canadian GP at Montreal


  Here Damon Hill drove in a SUPERB 2nd place. Scum-i was 3rd. But the Ferrari had twice the horse-power on the straights. Damon blocks the attacks of Scum-i good and FAIR! Scumi-i is the one who performs a DANGEROUS ACTION on the staright to pass him, he even goes OVER the chicane(Nigel remember him?)!!! Afterwards he blames Hill. STUPID STUPID stupid of him, of course. He ALWAYS blames others for his OWN stupid actions. Do you see the yellow flag? Scum-macher didn't!


Here Scum-macher simply pushes H.H.Frentzen out of the GP. Frentzen was FURIOUS!! If he didn't let down the speed at that moment, there were 2 teams who could go and look for a new driver!!! Scum-macher said he didn't see him. BULL-SHIT. the Ferrari team stated in public they informed Scum-i right IN the pit already that Frentzen was there! They told him all the way!!!! He simply wanted to eliminate another opponent! UNDER A YELLOW FLAG AS WELL!!!!!! NO PUNISHMENT???


MOST people thought THIS was his punishment..... BUT IT WaSn't!!!!! This was a punishment because he overtook a driver under a yellow flag situation!!!!!!!!!!!! He simply goes on with the race, and even wins!! Get's 10 points, and almost took some lives on the track!! This is the way he gets his pionts. I think this HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACING AT ALL!!!! NO PUNISHMENT NO WARNING?......


FIA, WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 



What has to happen before there will be some SERIOUS action take against THIS dangerous LUNATIC??? Does he have to get some-one injured, or KILLED??? If you will not take any action against him, there will be something DANGEROUS, SOON!!!!! If there is ONE thing you always wanted is to make the F1 less dangerous. You always tell the world that SAFETY is No.1 for you guys in the F1. Well, Schumacher is DANGER No.1

Get rid of HIM! Warn HIM, punish HIM or whatever! But HE is the most dangerous factor on the track! Not the tyre's, Not the tracks! Not the concrete walls! HE is! Michael Schumacher!

 French GP at Magny Course


This race wasn't fun to watch anyway, and the ending of it was very bad. Scum-i won, and Irvine was a driving block for Mika. Sadly I couldn't discover any cheating ON the track, but I am sure they have done some stuff with the car there!!!! I know this, because normally Irvine doesn't drive in front of Hakkinen like that!!!!      


The GP of Britain at Silverstone  


 Jesus Wept, this was a bad day!!!! That jammy German B*****d! I can't believe it!! He wasn't able to go as fast as the McLarens the whole race. Even Coulthard was FASTER!! Not by fast driving, not by skill, no, only by LUCK!!! Hakkinen went of the track 2 times!! He had a broken front wing and still, was faster than Scum-i!!




But after the second time spinning of the track, it was SO badly damaged, he couldn't keep up anymore.   Villeneuve had a new colour for his hair! He wasn't much faster because of it.


The Austian GP


This was a HOT race!! Mika was SUPERIOR!!!! to all the drivers in the field, and Coulthard pulled of an amazing stunt by starting on the back of the field and fighting his way BACK to second place. Stupid Salo did an stupid action that's why Coulthard's nose broke off. HE was FLYING!!!!!!! In the beginning stages of the race, Scum-i could follow the leader Mika well, but he WASN'T able to pass him!! I was SURE if Scum-i was leader of the championship at that point he would have crashed Mika out of the race!!! Mika would NEVER do such thing!!  


German GP at Hockenheim


HAHAHAHAHAHA hahahaha!! HERE'S the big evidence!!!!!!!! The last races some people were thinking that Ferrari were using some kind of illegal stuff on the car. In Germany, they checked the Ferrari EVERY DAY a couple of times. And where were they? Scum-i had the same material as Irvine to NOT be caught. He was OUT QUALIFIED in GERMANY!! Villeneuve did a great job to become 3rd here!!! Even RALF was faster than his brother!! HAHAHAHA! And didn't Michael tell us he would STOP racing whenEVER that would happen??? hahahahaha Well, Michael, you can go now!!! HAhaha Damon Hill got his first points here!!! Great job, and I bet he LOVED to be in front of Scum-i!! Haha. Well done Damo!




Hungarian GP at the Hungaroring


Michael Schumacher went to the race track on Sunday morning together with Jaques Villeneuve. They left the hotel at the same time. Then they started racing to the track. They drove at high speeds through the streets of Hungary..... Jaques Villeneuve was the first one to arive at the circuit. Schumacher drove OVER the speed limits and through red lights!!!!!! nearly killing civvies!

Before the start of the weekend I said to my mate that Damon Hill would be victorious. Well, it wasn't meant to be. Schumi won the race. Not by driving, but because of the strategy!! That's all. and that's down to the lads in the pits.



Italian GP at Monza


This was also a terrible race! Schumi was on POLE here! But at the start the Mclarens BLASTED their way to the front. But still Scumi had MUCH luck here. First he got a third place because Irvine gave it to him. Then Coulthard's McLaren broke. That was another present!! And then Mika's McLaren also had problems with it's brakes! So he was easy to overtake! A gift to Scum-i here. No driver skills needed here. Juck!



Belgium GP at Spa


WOWOWOWOW!! WHAT a race! This was the BEST race I saw in years!! It was raining very HARD!!

Damon HILL was third with qualifing!! Hill beat Scum-i at the qualification sesion on Saturday! It was SOOOOOOO cool! Then on Sunday the MEGA crash! Woooohhaaaaa! Happily no-one was injured. Then the second start! Damon Hill blew past everybody and then was leading the Belgium GP!!! Amazing!!!! I was there, Damon Hill was even driving in a car wich wasn't setup for the rain! Scum-i took a while before he could take the lead. And then........... HAHAHAHAHAHA the most amazing thing happened!

BAM! Schumacher was trying to lap Coulthard and drove right INTO the McLaren! I think he had shit in his eyes, or he was tryng for another championship decider action! Hahaha. I loved it!

And then he was even MAD at Coulthard! I couldn't believe my eyes! Was he really STUPID or what? He should be getting punished because of that behavior.

And then this: Ralf Schumacher had caused an accident in Belgium. He ran a kid over. Luckily the kid is alive, and the police asked questions to Ralf about it. He said he couldn't remember anything. He only had to give an autograph. What a punishment huh?




Luxembourg GP at Nurenburgring


This is the thing I wanna see!!! Schumacher being beaten ON the track by a better driver than him at his home GP! Could it be better? I even think that the Ferrari is a better car than the McLaren even!!! So the achievement of Hakkinen is even better than most people think! Ferrari is now the team with the best car! But still it is Hakkinen who beats Schumi!!! I love IT!!!!!!! Thank you Mika!!

SCHUMI GO HOME!!!!!!!!!! SCHUMI GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!


Japanese GP at Suzuka


Hakkinen became the worldchampion of 1998 and Schumi did NOT make it to the finish!