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Sengul Family must stay!

By Karen Doyle

On 9 November 1997, Hakki Sengul, Kurdish father of six was detained and transferred to Heathrow airport to be deported to Northern Cyprus. He was held at Heathrow for six days and five nights. The authorities tried to deport him twice. Because he protested and Jeremy Corbyn MP intervened, they transferred him to the notorious Campsfield detention centre. Campsfield is well known for its terrible mistreatment of asylum seekers.

After spending 31 days in Campsfield Mr Sengul was released with the right to appeal. Mr Sengul must now sign on with immigration once a week. His family live with the constant fear that he will be deported. If we allow them to get away with deporting Mr Sengul, the rest of the family will be next. Four of the Sengul family attend Kingsway College, one attends South Camden Community School and the youngest is at Duncombe Primary School. Being deported to Northern Cyprus will destroy the family. Mr Sengul is sure to be arrested if he is deported to Northern Cyprus, as he had previously suffered persecution because of he political views. Northern Cyprus is occupied by Turkey. As in Turkey, the Kurds are a brutally oppressed minority. There is much discrimination and many fascist attacks on Kurds.

"When I heard on the Sunday that they were trying to deport my father, we couldn't do anything because it was Sunday. That was the worst day ever. The thought of what might happen to our father deeply affected the whole family. There are many problems for Kurds in Northern Cyprus. We knew if he was deported, he would be arrested as soon as he got off the plane and we wouldn't be able to contact him." -Rabiye Birgul Sengul

Already around 1500 signatures (collected in a week) against this deportation, have been sent to the home office. Signatures alone will not be enough, students, teachers and the community must take action to demand the Sengul Family Must Stay!

Get your class, community centre, family and friends to join the demonstration.

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