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The Movement for Justice was first set up in 1995 as an anti-racist campaign fighting to stop the governmnet's Immigration and Asylum Bill (now Act). We were the first campaign to try and stop the bill, and we were unique in fighting for mass workers non-co-operation with the Bill as the best way to defeat it - instead of just appealing to MPs and Church ministers for charity. We set up militant campaign, made up overwhelmingly of asylum seekers, that began with the paint attack on Brian Mawhinney MP and included occupations and demonstrations against the eviction of asylum seekers and cuts in their benefit. We organised an angry demonstration of over 1000 asylum seekers outside the Houses of Parliament and we got many public sector union branches to refuse to implemnt the racist Asylum Act.

Today, we continue to be involved in the struggles of asylum seekers and against immigration controls and deportations. We recognise the the state's attacks on asylum seekers - often the most vunarable section of society - is the sharp end of a racist offensive against the whole black and Asian communities and an attempt to divide and weaken the working class. Since Labour was elected the attacks have continued on asylum seekers, as has the growing resistance including the hunger strikes and uprisings in the notorious asylum detention centres. Asylum seekers should not be treated as helpless victims but must be allowed to fight for their rights and demand the support of all anti-racists.

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