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September 1998

The public inquiry into the death of Stephen Lawrence has exposed the real depth of police racism before millions of people - confirming publicly what most black and Asian people have always known.

When the killers of Stephen Lawrence appeared before the inquiry, hundreds of black, Asian and white anti-racist youth confronted the racist thugs and their police protectors, determined to exact some measure of the justice which our communities want to see. They showed the way to win that justice - by our own collective action!

The decision of the Stephen Lawrence Family Campaign to call a national Civil Rights march later this year (date to be announced shortly) must be supported by a massive turn-out, where we deliver our verdict on the racist killers of Stephen Lawrence and on the racism of the police. It must be the start of an independent mass movement to attack the racist injustice of the system ruling this country.

We must make it clear we won't tolerate the Government telling us what racism is and trying to use the inquiry as a 'concession' to cover its own racist policies - such as its plans to restrict the legal rights of asylum seekers and immigrants, put more of them in detention and remove their remaining benefit rights. We mustn't let the Government get away with these 'divide-and-rule' tactics: we must fight for justice and civil rights for all.

We urge all campaign meetings building for the demonstration, and all organisations that are supporting it to pass the following resolution:

1. We declare that Neil & Jamie Acourt, Gary Dobson, Luke Knight and David Norris are guilty of the murder of Stephen Lawrence and must be jailed.

2. We declare that the police are guilty of systematic racism, from top to bottom.

3. We will not tolerate attempts by the Government to use the Stephen Lawrence inquiry as a cover for the new racist laws against asylum seekers and immigrants, announced in its recent 'White Paper', and we demand the immediate withdrawal of these proposals.

4. We agree that the time is ripe for an Independent Civil Rights Movement, which we need to build as the only way to win our fight for justice.

On 16 September Stage Two of the Stephen Lawrence inquiry will open. It is supposed to consider the 'wider issues'. We must insist it hears from the other victims of racist attacks who've never got justice from the police or the courts, from the families of black people who've died in police custody, the victims of police brutality and racist frame-ups, and the organisations that campaigning on the front line against racism and police brutality.

Sign the Movement for Justice petition demanding that the inquiry hears their testimony! Demonstrate with us to support our presentation of the petition when the inquiry re-opens! Demand it hears the truth!


All the victims of police racism must give their testimony. Weds. 16 Sept., 9.00am, outside Hannibal House, Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre

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