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The Movement for Justice meets every Thursday evening in South London. Meetings are open to all our supporters. We also have other local meetings/meetings in colleges etc. For listings of upcoming events click here.

To join us or find out more contact us now with your enquiry and details (name, address, telephone etc.).

Maybe you just want to comment on or add to our website - email us today!

You can email us at: justice@globalnet.co.uk

Telephone: 0410 486202 or 0976 916956

Or write to: Movement for Justice, PO Box 16581, London SW2 2ZW.

Fighting for justice against the powers that be can be expensive. Unlike others, we don't receive money from the government or local councils. We don't have any rich backers either. We are truly independent. We rely on whatever spare cash our supporters can send our way. Please, if you have any money you can spare - even a few pounds makes a big difference to us - then write us a cheque made out to 'Movement for Justice' and send it to the address above.

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