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Stephen Lawrence Inquiry




The Public Inquiry into the death of Stephen Lawrence has exposed the police as a racist organisation from top to bottom. The inquiry has been the most significant of any state inquiry into racism. It has attracted the attention of the whole of the black community any many white people. When the five youths suspected of killing Stephen appeared, hundreds of black and anti-racist youth gathered outside the inquiry to confront them - understanding that people, not the courts, are the only ones who can really achieve justice for Stephen.

The Movement for Justice has attended the inquiry from its beginning. We have campaigned for a militant response to racist murders and police racism. We were at the frontline of the angry demonstrations against the five suspects when they appeared at the inquiry. We are calling for independent tribunals to decide on the truth - to declare the five suspects guilty of Stephen's murder and the police guilty of institutionalised racism - rather than leave the process to a high court judge. We are campaigning to transform the militancy and determination to fight for justice that has surrounded the inquiry into an independent civil rights movement capable of combatting racism.

Justice for Stephen and all - June 1998 leaflet

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Movement for Justice Submission to Part II of the Inquiry

Panoroma interview with 5 murder suspects - letter to unions

2nd Submission to Part II of the Inquiry - oral testimony

Demonstrations and meetings

Civil Rights March - February 6 - 1999

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