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The paint attack on Brian Mawhinney MP

The Movement for Justice first hit the headlines in November 1995 when our supporters threw orange paint at Conservative Party chairman and cabinet minister, Brian Mawhinney MP. The attack took place in front of the world media directly after the state opening of parliament and was in response to the Tory government's racist Asylum and Immigration Bill, announced that day.

We recieved widespread support for the action but the state carried out a witch-hunt on our supporters culminating in criminal court actions, and expulsions from colleges. The paint attack became a symbol of the popular discontent towards the Tory government and heralded the birth of a new militant movement to fight for justice by any means necessary.

The Paint attack, why we did it and how we believe we can win justice is further discussed in our Who We Are article.

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Fighting for Asylum seekers

For a full account of the paint attack, the press response, the repressions that followed and the trial see Paint attack, the full story.

Violence or nonviolence? - by any means necessary


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