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Justice for Michael Menson!

Inquest exposes police inaction at racist murder

An inquest into the death of black musician, Michael Tachie-Menson, (30 when killed), has reached a verdict of unlawful killing. Michael was burnt to death by a gang of racists in Edmonton, North London on 28 January, 1997. The inquest heard that Michael was still alight when police found him semi-naked and dazed wandering along the North Circular Road. He died two weeks later in Billericay Hospital, Essex.

When Michael was in hospital he told a number of people that he had been set alight by four white youths in a racist attack, but police decided not to believe him or even investigate it as a murder. Police decided that he had mental problems and had committed suicide by setting himself alight on a busy road!

The inquest jury found that that police conclusion was rubbish and all the evidence pointed to the fact that Michael had been burnt by racists. The police's failure to take seriously a black man on his death bed has allowed the filthy perpetrators of this hideous crime to go undetected. Police then spent months denying the evidence that it was a murder until just before the inquest began when they finally issued a limited "apology" echoing the sorry after the event tone taken in the Lawrence inquiry - once the police know they have been exposed. Again, as in the Lawrence inquiry, Scotland Yard said that three officers had retired before the inquiry was completed and four junior officers have received "words of advice and constructive discussions with senior officers".

Michael's family attacked the police for failing to interview the victim in hospital. They have have campaigned for the attack to be recognised as racially-motivated and now they intend to push things further by getting the case reopened and taking the police to the European Court of Human Rights. They also want there story to be heard at Part II of the Lawrence inquiry - something the Movement for Justice will be fighting hard for in their support

(Wednesday 16 September)

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