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Oppose all Immigration Laws Old or New

Message sent: Sun, 3 Jan 1999

From: National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns (NCADC), 101 Villa Road, Birmingham B21 1NH, Phone: 0121-554-6947 Fax: 0870-055-4570, E-mail ncadc@ncadc.demon.co.uk Web www.ncadc.demon.co.uk/

National Demonstration: Saturday 27 February

Demonstrate to Defend Asylum and Immigration Rights

Stop Scapegoating Asylum-Seekers

Don't Bend to Racism

Assemble: 12 noon, Embankment tube, London WC2 for demonstration and rally


Called by the Coalition for Asylum and Immigration Rights (CAIR) a broad coalition brought together by the National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns and the National Assembly Against Racism

Measures expected in new legislation on asylum and immigration will further reduce asylum rights, undermine civil liberties human rights and exacerbate racism.

Unacceptable proposals in the Bill include those to:

* Withdraw benefit rights from all asylum seekers and introduce a system of cashless vouchers

* Compel asylum-seekers to live in "designated" accommodation in any part of the country

* Extend the use of immigration detention and increase the powers of detention of custody officers

* Require financial bonds from visitors needing a visa, a measure which discriminates disproportionately against black families

* End the right of appeal against deportation for those who have been here for over 7 years

* Grant police powers of search and arrest to the immigration service

* Increase internal immigration controls, through immigration checks at work and encouraging marriage registrars to check immigration status

These measures will help legitimise the racist campaign against refugees and asylum seekers in the tabloid press.

Oppose all Immigration Laws Old or New!

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