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Sustrans Cycle

Track Inverness to Dover

Sustrans is a practical charity, which seeks to promote cycling as an extremely valuable mode of sustainable transport. We are co-ordinating the National Cycle Network and such has been the enthusiasm for the National Network that the originally envisaged 6,500 miles have been extended to 8,000 miles to be completed by 2005.

The main route of the National Network through Nottinghamshire is Route 6. This enters the north of the county at Shireoaks and uses the Chesterfield canal through Worksop to Manton. Here the route bridges the A57 and passes through Clumber Park to Duncan Wood Lodge. This section of route is almost complete and has been achieved with considerable help from British Waterways Board, the National Trust, Nottinghamshire County Council and land owners.

Route 6 will continue along the public right of way to Hazel Gap and then turn south through Birklands, pass Centre Tree. Work has already started at the next section of the route, to the Dog and Duck at Old Clipstone, along Vicar Water to the Country Park and via a new link into Clipstone Forest.

From here the route will use the former railway line to Blidworth before passing through Ravenshead and Newstead Abbey Gardens and, via the Linby Trail, to Hucknall. The country parks of Mill Lakes and Bestwood will soon be joined by a bridge over the B683, taking walkers and cyclists safely into Nottingham.

The entire route through the country will be completed by June 2000, although much of the route is already open and more is becoming available to users as construction and upgrade works progress.

Further details: Sustrans, 35 King Street Bristol, BS1 4DZ

Telephone                0117 926 8893

Fax                        0117 929 4173

Website                 http://www.sustrans.org.uk

Cycling in Nottinghamshire 


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