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A4I Docu is a dedicated image capture, archive, and data basing package supplied by a company called Aquinto in Germany. With a great tradition of both understanding and innovation, they have presented the microscopist with probably the best package available today.

With a central data basing and capture module, the system can be easily upgraded to allow additional modules for applications such as Depth of field enhancement, Multiple Image Assembly or Panorama, Measuring and Annotation, Report Writing, and even Image Analysis.

Being a modular system one can build as one requires. With options of cameras ranging from single chip colour cameras, through 3CCD cameras, and Digital systems from 1300 x 1030, to Mega high resolution Progressive Scan cameras there is a specification applicable for all users.

The system is available through MetPrep Ltd in the UK - - where I work.

For other destinations around the world contact Aquinto direct at or have a look at the web page -


I am biased as I sell the system - but we chose it because it is so good. The best has now got better.

Depth of Focus - recover the edges of bad preparation, or get that image showing all that is there, not just a fraction of it. Great for fractography. Using the new Superfocus module you can even compensate for the off axis movement of stereo microscopes, and complete live panoramas/ z axis imaging.

Too small a magnification to resolve the detail, and get the subject in one image? Using Panofocus you get take the images at a resolution suitable for the specimen, and join them together in real time.

When it comes to report writing just select the images, and all is placed in a word document - I'm sorry but you do need to write your own evaluation - it won't write it all for you!

If you make the most of it you can easily use it as the basis for a Laboratory Management System.

It's a seriously good package, and as a microscopist I can say it's worth a demonstration.

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