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Outer Space - Inner Space

It is called Outer Space - Inner Space because of my two main interests of Astronomy & Microscopy.

Let me introduce myself, I am 45 years old - (in 2004), and live in a small village in rural Northamptonshire, called Woodford Halse.

I am lucky in the fact apart from the odd security light, and a few street lights it is quite a reasonable sky for my astronomical activities.

I live on my own now as my wife Monika and I split up in March 2001. Unfortunately I also lost my trusty friend Zak in January 2002, but I will keep his picture there as he was a great companion.

For a living I am involved in the sales of Metallographic Preparation Equipment and Consumables, as well as Microscopes and Imaging equipment.

My other interests apart from Astronomy and Microscopy include Ancient Sites, Science Fiction, Beer, Good food, Geology, Rock music, Photography, Amateur Radio, Computing, and Traveling. I recently gained my AIS & ARPS from the Royal Photographic Society in 2002, and have started working towards my Fellowship.

I am pleased to annonce I was granted Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society by direct submission in December 2003.

I am an active astronomer, and a member of the BAA, the Webb Society, The Astronomer, The NNHS, The SPA and also a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society.

That should keep me busy for a bit. I guess more anoraks than you can throw a stick at :-)

Many of these areas are covered on the site, and I hope you will find them of interest. If you want to contact me about anything here, e-mail me at


I am also now the UK agent for Sirius Observatories , and the authorised UK dealer for Daystar Filters.

Again you can contact me on the above email address, or visit my other site www.siriusobservatoriesuk.com

Thank you for visiting Outer Space - Inner Space

A special note of thanks to MetPrep Ltd & Aquinto for their support in the Astronomical Imaging Field, it has been very helpful and much appreciated.

Thanks Ivan - Jim - Andreas


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