Astronomical Links

Assorted Links of Interest to me.


The Society for Popular Astronomy

The Federation of Astronomy Societies - Does what it says on the TIN!

The Astronomer Magazine - A great site for discoveries, and serious observational astronomy.

Sky & Telescope Magazine - The magazine. Still the most popular Magazine from the US

The NNHS Astronomy Society - My local society

The Big Bear Observatory - The ultimate Solar observatory on the ground

Soho - The ultimate solar observatory - Period!

Mount Wilson Observatory - One of the best

Jodrell Bank Home Page - The home page of the Jodrell Bank Observatory and PPARC links

UK ATM Resources - Thinking of building your own scope? - Start here.

The BBC Sky At Night - Patrick & the BBC's internet site

Fred Espenak's Eclipse Page - Mr Eclipse. If you want to know about eclipses - Start here. The guy is just a little bit good!!

Explorer Tours - Accomplished organizers for Total Eclipse and other Astronomical Tours. Recommended

Heavens Above - Details of satellites and predictions

Association of Lunar & Planetary Observers - Again does what it says on the Tin.

Hanwell Community Observatory - A community observatory near Banbury - A great project with some serious instruments

Yerkes Observatory - The Yerkes Observatory

International Meteor Organisation - If you're into meteors start here

Society for Amateur Radio Astronomy - Start here for all your Radio Astronomy needs



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