Imaging with Large Format Camera's


.Imaging with a 35mm camera is inexpensive, and very rewarding, however the negative size is small One way of increasing the size of the Sky you can cover,and maintain resolution is to use a larger format. There have been many a camera made from old aerial reconnaissance lenses, and many years ago I made one using an old Rank Taylor Hobson lens. I was still at school, but it did seem to work very well. I used it for meteor work with TRI X, and Royal X Pan. No that shows my age doesn't it. Id mange some quite pleasing results though I do not appear to have the pictures now.

Here is the beast complete with Polaroid land film back. The is intended to aid colour correction, but I only used it the twilight whilst chasing Fireballs - unsuccessfully I might add.

I have a new project - semi back burnered at present to build something similar using a lens I acquired from the US. Combining this with a bit of engineering - Are you paying attention Dave Rose?, I hope to create a small wide field imaging system.


I have acquired an old Meade LX10 fork system and hope to mount the completed camera in that. It would be nice to get some colour transparency shots from a dark sky of the milky way, but we shall see.

Static Camera - Prime Focus - Afocal - Eyepiece Projection


For more details on Astrophotography I recommend:

Michael Covingtons Book - Astrophotography for the Amateur


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