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**All unwanted microscope or related equipment gratefully received**


For many years microscopy has been a passion of mine. Wherever I had worked I always had access to microscopes giving magnifications from 2x to over a 1000x.

This interest, and my subsequent move into the metallography field in later years gave me a great opportunity to develop my skills in both areas of microscopy and materials preparation. A slight change in career took me into sales associated with materials preparation, microscopy, and Digital Imaging. This now meant access to a microscope was not so easy. With that in mind I began acquiring older instruments which I could use at home.

The microscopes that were readily available free of charge were the old Reichert MEF systems. So this is what I started with. After a while I managed to acquire a Zeiss Ultraphot, and decided these are what I would like to use, so I gave my Reicherts away to good homes, and began using Ultraphot 2 microscopes. I have since been lucky to be given others and have now set up a bench at home for my own use.


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Originally the microscope bench housed 5 Ultraphots arranged for various illumination configurations. Now due to space requirements in the study/lab, I am down to two main system working in Brightfield-Polarised-Phase -Transmitted, and the other in Brightfield-Darkfield-DIC - Reflected. I have moved on some bits to good homes and exchanged other bits to supplement the existing scopes. I still am short of a few objectives, but I am slowly getting there.

I am again using the Aquinto A4I docu package for digital imaging, and also have an Olympus 35mm system.


The microscopy has taken a little bit of a back seat recently as I have been concentrating on getting the astronomy side together, but I have several plans for the future

In addition to the Ultraphots I also use a recently acquired Zeiss Tessovar for low power imaging, and a small Meiji stereo which has no imaging facility, but great for getting splinters out!


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Photomicrography & Images

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