As soon as I started work at the age of sixteen my priority was to get a camera. My first acquisition was a good old Zenith E, bought from Jessops of Leicester, just around the corner from the Princess Charlotte pub. That's some time ago, and its seems Jessops have moved on a little more successfully than I have.

Along with that I managed to pick some manual lenses, and played around imaging the stars, my girlfriend, and some wildlife. I did mostly black and white which I printed at work in my lunchtimes with paper I would buy myself, and use their facilities.

After a while I decided I would like a slightly more advanced camera and I bought an Olympus OM1. I also managed a couple of Vivitar lenses for this, and carried on much the same way. Eventually the camera gear was sold to support Motorbikes and Vans, and it was some years before I managed to get back into Photography again.

Several years ago I bought some more OM equipment, and decided to do a small course at Banbury Tec run by Paul Hotston, this was great. We started at first principles, and moved through various projects and levels to complete a range of modules to get my credits for the Open College network.

In the interim years my photography had not been idle, as I was doing some quite interesting Photomicrography for work, this was primarily for things such as failure analysis and SEM work, as well as routine metallographic imaging down the microscope.

Having been tipped off that the Royal Photographic Society had individual qualifications for Scientific Imaging, I applied for membership. I included details of my 25 years of scientific imaging associated with microscopy, my astronomical imaging, my video recording of rock concerts and my Open College Network results, and was offered the qualification of Accredited Imaging Scientist, and Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society.

I am now continuing on several fronts with an aim of obtaining my Fellowship, in the future.

I now use both my OM system, as well as a Canon EOS5 for my general photography, and use various digital techniques for microscopy and astronomical activities as well. I still love Black & White, and do have facilities of a fashion at home to allow me to do this.

I like all sorts of photography including Close Up, Portraiture, Landscape, Action, Microscopical, astronomical, to name but a few.

I have included a few images as an indication on this page. You will also find examples of my work in the various sections on this site.


A few small shots from a trip to the US

Additional Images are available on separate pages.




Close Up

Flora & Fauna




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