Kylie trying to sort out all of the baby stuff my sister and her cousin have given/left us .......she's a little overwhelmed!

We went to visit Jackie and Christopher's little people at the Cabin before they headed over to England for the summer (after spending the winter in Mexico). Michelle:

Natasha (who can speak better Spanish than her parents!):



Hudson showing off by doing a jigsaw that should be way too hard for him!

Warren & Sandra, Kylie & Myself went to a fancy restaurant courtesy of my colleagues at work (wedding gift). We had a 7 course meal plus extras once Kylie told them Warren was a chef too! Warren and Sandra just moved to Taiwan - so if you're over there I know a great place to have dinner!

Went to Miko and Catherine's wedding in Whistler....

Kylie, Matthew and Bump!

James and Zoe moved out from England and they've been staying with us for a couple of weeks. Weny kayaking down the Chilliwack Canyon - I had to roll a few too many times....I haven't paddled any big rivers in a while!

JC and his lovely new Jeep Grand Cherokee