Baby Makena Valentine Ashley

Born 27th August 2006 weighing 7lbs 13oz

First child of Matthew and Kylie Ashley

This is Makena in the cradle right after we got home.

Kylie in the first part of labour!

New Mum Kylie shortly after the birth. (Peace Arch Hospital)

Kylie had 9hrs of labour from start to finish. I played quite an active role right up to the last minute, when I thought it was safer if I sat down!

Proud New Dad and new Nana Dawn.

7lbs 13oz


Happy Family!

Little Baby!

Packing up to go home

One of the 7 raccoons that were in our back garden

Makena arriving at home!

View of Mt Baker from the delivery room taken by Grandad Ralph!

....and a bonus picture of Romie getting comfortable the day before!