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K&S Engineering and Scientific LTD's Cable Identifier Set offers the user a compact, portable solution for cable identification. Depending on the user preference, the Cable Function Generator and Cable Identifier Unit can be jointly housed in a rugged briefcase, or alternatively, for the user requiring a more rugged unit, can be delivered as two individual units each with their own carry-case. With the Cable Identifier Set, power optimum levels are selected by means of a rotary switch and the power levels are displayed on a meter located on the Cable Function Generator. As the Cable Identifier Unit is capable of detecting magnetic fields around mains cables it has the added advantage of the user being able to use this as a stand-alone unit to detect power cable configuration.


The Cable Function Generator generates various frequencies selected by a control switch on the front panel. The selected frequency or tone is applied to the cable via leads. Once applied to the cable, a signal/tone is induced along the cable to be identified. Using the portable Cable Identifier Unit, the specific cable can be identified at a remote point. The Cable Function Generator, has 3 crystal controlled frequencies/tones namely 400 Hz, 1000 Hz and 1800 Hz these may be continuous or pulsed. The Cable Function Generator Unit can either be powered by mains and/or from an external 12 volt battery. A further option exists to have a re-chargeable NiCad battery built into the unit thereby enabling the unit to operate as a fully portable unit for up to 4 hours at a full rated output of 6 watts.This option, facilitates standby operation should the mains power fail.


The Cable Identifier Unit is a fully portable unit which is powered by a 9 volt battery. The unit has both an internal loudspeaker and a earphone socket for noisy environments.The built-in microphone plus headset or earphone option is provided in its own carry case, whereas the headset only option, which is a more compact unit, is housed together with the Cable Function Generator in a single carry-case. The Cable Identifier Unit has the facility to have the sensitivity increased so that it can identify the required signal in very close proximity to the cable. Both Cable Identifier Unit options come with a built-in battery meter which indicates the battery charge condition.