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SURGE OUTPUT       2uF up to 24 kV maximum - 576 joules (Ws) on range 1.

(For Fault Location)         8uF up to 12 kV maximum - 576 joules (Ws) on range 2.

                               32uF up to 6 kV maximum - 576 joules (Ws) on range 3.


VOLTAGE OUTPUT    0 - 24 kV dc on range 1, current 20 mA at maximum volts.

(For Testing & Burning)     0 - 12 kV dc on range 1, current 40 mA at maximum volts.

                                    0 - 6 kV dc on range 2, current 80 mA at maximum volts.


The above outputs are smoothed DC, negative potential, and are all continuously variable from zero volts to maximum. Up to 150% of the rated current can be drawn for burning on each range.



The instrument is fully enclosed in a robust all steel enclosure mounted on castors and fitted with carrying handles. The control panel forms the top of the case, it is finished in high gloss light blue stoving with cutter engraved labelling, and is protected by a detachable lid. The EHT outlet is of a recessed type designed to prevent accidental contact with high voltages. Surge repetition is electronically controlled from 0 to 10 seconds, a single surge or a train of pulses can be selected by a panel mounted switch. Automatic discharge of the instrument is achieved by a gravity operated switch which is released on switching 'OFF' the instrument or on disconnecting the supply.                       




a. Moving coil voltmeter (100mm scale): 0 - 25 kV dc.

  (Direct reading using a resin cast high voltage resistor)

b. Moving coil millimetre (100mm scale): 0 - 40 - 200 ma dc.

c. Rotary selector switch to set the output voltage range.

d. Rotary selector switch to set the output surge capacity.

e. Panel mounted regulator to adjust the output voltage.                       


A high brightness neon indicator is used for OVERLOAD indication. MAINS ON, BURN and SURGE are indicated by large transformer indicator lamps. Pushbutton ON/OFF controls are fitted, these are interlocked with the output regulator to provide zero volt interlocking. The two rotary selector switches are interlocked to prevent over-vaulting of the EHT capacitors. The pulse repetition rate can be adjusted by a panel mounted control. Protection is achieved using a magnetic/hydraulic miniature circuit breaker on the input circuits and an over current relay on the output circuit.


SIZE 650 mm Wide x 510 mm Deep x 650 mm High (plus 160 mm for castors).


LEADS Mains input and output test leads are supplied 5 metres long.