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Tribunal de Commerce

Business Litigations 

Warning: Content of these pages are not for commercial use but for Information purpose only.

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Practical Business & Legal Information

in dealing with French Companies & Courts


   In a situation in which you are in dispute with a company, a professional person,

   an employer  or somebody else in France. For commercial matters you will find some of your answers in this page, for civil matters see The French Court System.




  These pages contain information (in English) to help companies understand the official documentation used by French Commercial Courts. Not all the pages are in English in the official link.

You will find here help with:

         ●  How to obtain information from the French Register of trading companies

         ● How to take a French company to court or claim debts.

  These pages are correct as at Jan 2002, but prices and telephone numbers etc.. need to be checked in visiting the official sites


  We strongly advise to get familiar with the jargon, the name of the Forms and names found here in this English version and then visit the official sites:

    Glossary of French words and acronyms used in Court Registrar


Information Source concerning French companies


    What is INFOGREFFE?

    INFOGREFFE is the Commercial Court Clerk organisation where legal information (Trading companies register, Debt status, Balance sheet etc..) may be obtained concerning companies registered at the Greffes of Commercial Tribunals in France.


Official sites:

                         Click this icon to check latest info regarding legal issues available

       from the Commercial Court Registrar, known as Greffe.


       This link in fact is the Paris Court Registrar. The site has a wealth of

       information, and this is why it is included here. But remember, if you have a litigation with a French company, it is not the Paris court Registrar that you need to lodge your claims. You should do this with the one in the area where the French company  is registered/affiliate. See the Link Directory below.


 Click this icon to check latest info regarding Business & Legal formalities from from the Commercial Court Registrar, known as Greffe (your query may be a company information such as balance sheet, case inquiry, judgements etc.




           Directory: Link to a specific Clerk's Office Nationwide,
           through a Map selection, to access company information.


   How to serve Citations in France from the UK

   You need to send your writ together with a cover letter and with Form 1 from Atlas Juridique (see weblink below) + Euros 69.00 to this address:
    Chambre Nationale des Huissiers, 44 Rue de Douai Paris 7500

    contact details



What the French law says on:

If any of these subjects below is of interest you, click here

Subcontracting (payments/defaulting etc..)  

Recourse due to non payment 

Parental control (care and maintenance of a child of separated couple

   (French/British parent)     

Minors & Guardianships  

Property Ownership      

Servitudes (Land & Property)  


We have helped companies and individuals in all above fields.


Most Legal Reference sources are:

Ministry of Justice:http://www.justice.gouv.fr/

Paris Commercial Registrar: http://www.greffe-tc-paris.fr/anglais/greffe2a_new.htm

Administrative Forms: http://www.service-public.fr/formulaires/

Textes Fondamentaux: http://www.textes.justice.gouv.fr/index.php?rub

French Statutes:

European  Institutions: http://ec.europa.eu/civiljustice/index_en.htm




We trust you will find these pages useful


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