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We offer a high quality service translation

  in French and in English.

Linguistic skills and technical expertise in the following fields: 

  • Business Management
  • Exports & Finance
  • Law
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Oil & Gas Industry

We also offer the same quality of service to individuals who seek translation of personal documents.

All our translations are certified.

We accept translation work and use our skills and care  according to the provisions and spirit of the Code of Professional Conduct of the Institute of Linguists.

See our

Typical translation assignments:

Translation type
Contact Lenses website

Translated into French a website of Daysoft, a leading Scottish contact lenses  manufacturer.


Construction, Engineering & electrical

Air France took charge of Paris CDG Airport expansion  and designated a French contractor and a Scottish engineering company to carry out the management project.

The project involved the preparation of technical specifications for subcontractors in civil engineering, electrical and mechanical all the way to the execution phase and completion of the project.

This was a challenging task as some of the assignments were given at short notice and required within strict deadlines.

 A good working relation was established with the client who helped with "in-house jargon". Client even used us as "troubleshouter" to contact over the phone his French subcontractors to clarify or iron out any issues in the execution of the contract. Issues which might have taken time otherwise in lengthy correspondence and cost of translation.


A well known cogeneration plant in France acquired a General Electric equipment and urgently required the user manual to be translated into French.

The manual required specialist knowledge in the field of power generation and was timely and successfully completed and sent to the client.


Oil & Engineering

COFLEXIP - a world leader in the engineering, manufacture and installation of offshore flexible pipes, needed its annual report translated into French.

The translation was successfully produced on time.

EU Presidency Presse Release & Statements

Translated for French EU Presidency between June -Dec 200 Press Release, Agenda, Statements & other related documents in EU policy.


Social Cohesion & European Funds in Scotland

Strathclyde European Partnership organised a community economic development study visit to Glasgow for its European partners. Delegates to this conference required background papers and socio-economic factsheets on the various geographic areas covered by the Western Scotland Structural Funds Programme.

We received the documentation in hard copy from the client and proceeded with the mammoth task of translating into French and liaising with the publisher to proof-read the final documents.

The translation was successfully produced on time to the client's satisfaction.    

Mechanical Engineering

A Scottish manufacturer of agricultural equipment required assistance in legal proceedings taking place in France.

Translation was required in both languages, and involved:

  • legal documents from French and Scottish lawyers
  • the manufacturer's engineering department provided the technical specifications of the equipment and the working processes of the different parts of the equipment.

Shell (Belgium) introduced a new system to enable follow up of each transaction brought back home via the system and to enable to verify that any given transaction went through the correct procedure, on the basis of the card used and the type of filling station outlet where the purchase took place.

The system and procedure was timely and successfully translated into English.

Individuals are also catered for...

Property Deeds

Property share Agreement

Condominium ownership contract

We assist private individual British buyers of properties in France with not only the translation of the deeds and various conveyancing papers but also throw in our knowledge of the common practices over there, what to look for, the do's and don'ts and all the tips to help the client.

We also provide our services for personal documents such as translating a birth certificate, or even just a letter...


We also offer our services to interpret or translate tapes

  • a summons and complaint or the transcription of an evidentiary tape 
  • Business meeting
  • Scripts & interviews on video & audio tape

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