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Picture of Andy LangleyAndy Langley

Andy Langley spent much of his childhood clambering up and down mountains with his Scottish father. A fascination with the wonders of the natural world soon developed into a passion to capture it on photographic and video media.

Encouraged by his early photographic success, in 1985 Andy founded his professional photography and media business at the tender age of twenty-one.

In the last twenty years Andy's work has been widely published in the national and international press, books and high street magazines. After a brief stint running a portrait studio he branched out into television production for the sky satellite network in 2004.

As cameraman, producer and photographer Andy has been fortunate enough to work all over the world, covering stories from places as diverse as Las Vegas and Monte Carlo to tracking down elusive wildlife in the remote highlands of Scotland. Now based in Yorkshire with his wife and young son he continues his life long study of the natural world.

Andy founded Go Wild TV in 2007 as an independent producer of state of the art educational material for digital photographers and videographers. Very much a naturalist first, Andy's goal is to help people explore the wonders of the natural world and capture their experience through the power of digital multimedia.

Andy is part of the Tooth and Claw project with Peter Cairns and Mark Hamblin (www.toothandclaw.org.uk).

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Picture of Robert LangleyRobert Langley

Robert is a screenwriter, cameraman and producer with TV and independent film work to his credit. His camerawork has featured on Sky Television and a number of commercial DVD releases.

His latest movie project 'The Last Man' has gained wide interest and featured a number of well known TV actors. Very creative, Robert is ideal to help you make sense of your latest idea and bring it into life. He is skilled with a number of professional cameras and a number of broadcast editing tools such as Adobe Premier and After Effects.

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Picture of Ruth LangleyRuth Langley

Ruth is an award winning author and consultant specialising in sales and marketing. Her book 'Beautiful Selling' is now the reference work for sales training in Hair and Beauty salons and endorsed by the trade governing body HABIA.

Always ready to bring a new and creative slant to product launches and staff training Ruth can really help you get your ideas to market.

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