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May 9th, 1999

1 new poem added, and 1 new poet
Men at Forty by Donald Justice
May 3rd, 1999
Well, after a long, long, time away from this webpage, I finally got it together, moved the page to my new webspace, and am now ready to update - starting with the fact that Pablo Neruda is from Chile, not Italy, and thanks for everyone who has pointed it out...
I am planning of adding several new poems, and poets, in the next couple of days, so if you have given Dream Wine a miss recently, here is a good reason to come back!

Also, dreamwine now has a new domain name: http://www.dreamwine.cjb.net - click on it to refresh, and please add it to your bookmarks or favorites!


June 14th, 1998
4 new poems added, and 4 new poets,
To a Creole Lady by Charles Baudelaire
The Gladly Dead by Charles Baudelaire
Metamorphosis of the Vampire by Charles Baudelaire
Dulce et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen
Fuji by Halvard Johnson
This is the last time I am updating the page for a while, as I am going away for a few months and will have no access to computers or the Internet. I hope future visitors will enjoy this page, and I hope to keep updating it with great new poems in the near future!
June 10th, 1998
The new mirror site is up and running at http://www.web.netactive.co.za/~lavie
June 9th, 1998
1 new poem added,
The Devil & Billy Markham by Shel Silverstein
June 6th, 1998
4 new poems added, and 4 new poets,
The Ten-Dollar Cab Ride by Diane Wakoski
On Living by Nazim Hikmet
Mahmud, The Loafer by Orhan Veli
I've Learned Some Things by Ataol Behramoglu
June 5th, 1998
2 new poems added, and 1 new poet,
The dying synagogue at South Terrace by Thomas McCarthy
Two Seasons by Galway Kinnell
June 4rd, 1998
Major graphics change, courtesy of Wesley Fong-Chong - Thanks Wez!
June 3rd, 1998
5 new poems added, and 3 new poets,
somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond by e. e. cummings
Spring is like a perhaps hand by e. e. cummings
Naming of Parts by Henri Reed
Jenny Kissed Me by Leigh Hunt
Poem of Night by Galway Kinnell
May 28th, 1998
2 new poems added,
In Memory of W. B. Yeats by W. H Auden
in just-- by e. e. cummings
May 27th, 1998
5 new poems added, and 4 new poets,
a threat to my immortality by Charles bukowksi
Variations on 'This is just to say' by various authors
the Bells by H. P. Lovecraft
May 25th, 1998
6 new poems added, and 2 new poets,
as the poems go by Charles bukowksi
rhyming poem: by Charles Bukowski
cows in art class by Charles bukowski
On Rabbi Kook's Street by Yehuda Amichai
Try to remember some Details by Yehuda Amichai
Season of Death by Edwin Rolfe
May 24th, 1998
1 new poem added, and 1 new poet,
Resume by Dorothy Parker
May 21st, 1998
New Hit Counter and Log Analyzer added!
May 20th, 1998
5 new poems added, and 3 new poets,
Father William by Lewis Carrol
A Cat by Edward Thomas
To-Night by Edward Thomas
Hug O'War by Shel Silverstein
Tonight I can write by Pablo Neruda
May 19th, 1998
1 new poem added,
Heel and toe to the end by William Carlos Williams
May 18th, 1998
2 new poems added,
Fire and Ice by Robert Frost
Walking Away by C. Day Lewis