Variations on 'This is just to say'

by various authors

I. This is just to say

by Linda Kemp

I have stolen
the red panties
that were in
the hamper

and which
you were probably
for laundry day.

Forgive me
I had to smell them
they were delicious
so sweet
and so hot.

II. Ed Dorn's parody of William's "This Is Just To Say"

by Ed Horn

the hazards of a later era:
variation on a theme

I would like to thank you
for the plums that were
in the ice-box, but
I'm afraid I just can't
do it--in the first place
it's not an ice-box, and the plums
having come from California
are a mix of over-ripe
and hard-as-rocks,
both undesirable states,
no doubt shot through
with systemic chemicals.
Add to all that
the fact that I put
them there myself
and you have
the whole sorry picture.

III. A student Comment

From: (Karen E Scott)
Posted-Date: Fri, 31 Mar 1995 01:44:48 -0500
Subject: WCW-plums

Just wanted to send to everyone a note that one of my roommates left for
another one today. She innocently put this on the refrigerator,
not knowing the "poeticness" of it. Does it sound familiar?:

"I ate some (actually a lot) of your lemon bars that you received
today...I was stressing real bad...Sorry...Hope you had fun tonight!"

It doesn't contain the imagery of WCW, but his presence is there
(although my roommate probably doesn't realize it!). Well that's all.
Karen Scott

I would like to thank Linda Kemp for her kind permission to reproduce her version of 'This is just to say' - I think it's brilliant. :-)