Midi accompaniment database
Cello - Easy level

This collection of midi files ( format 0 .mid files ) can be used for practising at home. I have arranged the pieces in approximate order of difficulty, and some pieces have half speed accompaniments for study purposes only. If no introduction exists for a piece, then two beats are played ( or 3 if the piece is in 3 ). This can be compared to "counting in". 

If you have a Microsoft Windows PC then media player should already be assigned to play midi files. Just left click on the filename and get ready to play. Right click and and "save target as..." then select a folder to save that particular file to your hard disk. If you are still having problems we could always email you a file or two. All pieces were recorded by Roland Herrera on a cheap Roland keyboard ..... not a Steinway.

Open String Pieces. ( Even the best violinists practise open strings )

Elephant Parachutist - First bowing piece to start sounding the G string. Count aloud "3....4" play G--------- repeat !
Raindrops - Just pluck the D until it stops raining
All Four Strings - Whole bows. 4Gs 4Ds 4As 4Es again !
Clown Dance - 3Ds and a "stop" x4 again ! "Lots of bow"
Snakes and Ladders - ggccggddaaddggcc, every note twice...long snakes
Jumping Ponies - ggdd ggdd ggdd ddgg...  plucking then bowing
Chocolate Mousse - DDD---- choc - late - mooooouse
The Squirrel - 8 Ds 8 As. Play / count
Strawberry / Banana. dddd d d   aaaa d d. The words give you the rhythm
The General. 4Gs 4Ds 6Gs DDG. Twice. Two counts in.
Wagon Train. ccggddgg ccggddaa **aaddgg c-c-c-c-
Stepping Stones. Number 4 from the book "Stepping Stones"
The Roundabout. From "Stepping Stones". Sight read plucking.
The Doll's Waltz - cgda dgcg cgda dgcc in 3/4, floating & softly !

First Finger Pieces ( Get that first whole tone in tune...It'll save you months )

The Ambulance. Up down up down up down till the cows come home
From D to E. DD11DD11D1D1DDD from "Violin Playtime 1"
From D to E. Another recording of the same piece
Caterpillars. gg11ggdd gg11ggdd 11dd11dd gg11ddgg. All the bow
Hobby Horses. gd1d gd1d aadd 11d* gd1d gd1d a1ad 1dg. Fast separate bows

Two Finger Pieces ( 1st & 3rd fingers )

Hot Cross Buns. 31d- 31d- dddd 1111 31d- one-a-penny..2-a-penny

Three Finger Pieces ( 1st, 3rd & 4th )

Clown Dance. d122 3-3- 212d 1-1- d122 3-3- 2d11 d-d-. Little little long long
Little Fox ( steady speed ) - Traditional Ukrainian dance from "Violin Playtime 2"
Hills and Dales - This version starting on a D. From Wagon Wheels




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