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Track history
Recorded on June 4th 1979 at Pennine Sound Studios, Oldham for Piccadilly Radio
This version was given the title Chance, and was released only on Heart and Soul
Recorded in October-November 1979 at Cargo Studios, Rochdale
Originally released on Licht Und Blindheit by Sordide Sentimental
Released as a Factory 12" single in 1980 (the A-side in UK; the B-side in US)
This version was re-released as a single in 1988 in 7", 12" and CD formats
Also on Substance, on Permanent, on Heart and Soul and on Best Of Joy Division
Also included as a B-side on some re-releases of Love Will Tear Us Apart
Live performance released from January 18th 1980 at De Effenaar, Eindhoven

Piccadilly Radio version (Chance)Released version (Atmosphere)
Walk in silence
Walk away in silence
See the danger - always danger
Endless talking - life rebuilding
Don't walk away - face the danger

Walk in silence
Don't walk away in silence *
See the danger - always danger
Rules are broken - false emotions
Don't walk away

People like you find it easy
Always in tune - walking on air *
They're hunting in packs
By the rivers, through the streets
It may happen soon *
Then maybe you'll care
Walk away
Walk away from danger
Walk in silence
Don't walk away in silence
See the danger - always danger
Endless talking - life rebuilding
Don't walk away

Walk in silence
Don't turn away in silence *
Your confusion - my illusion
Worn like a mask of self-hate
Confronts and then dies
[or on the Effenaar live version:
  Corrupts and then dies]
Don't walk away

People like you find it easy
Naked to see - walking on air *
Hunting by the rivers
Through the streets, every corner
Abandoned too soon *
Set down with due care
Don't walk away - in silence
Don't walk away
* Here the Effenaar live version follows the Piccadilly Radio version
The Piccadilly Radio version has the following additional words:
I'm - I'm just crossing the line - just crossing the line
Trying to get back - right where I was
Back where I was - see me crossing the line
Don't walk away --

Other information
Cover versions by:Released on:
Oscar Abelli Quartet  A Different Story (Spazio Gerra Produzioni SGP01 2010)
Luis AuserónRubbish Garbage Junk Punk (Rosevil 2009)
AutomaticsWarsaw (El Colectivo Karma 011 1998)
Beyond DawnBalance (Ego Development 001 1997)
In Reverie (Eibon BYD011 1999)
Borgia DiscoAtomic (Smart Bomb 2009)
Christine Plays Viola3.5 Decades: A Joy Division Italian Tribute (Darkitalia dar001 2014)
Diane BirchThe Velveteen Age (S-Curve 2010)
BoogdishRocklectrical Engineering (Tooth Decay TD003 2003)
Adrian BorlandAvailable on various bootlegs of live performances
CodeineA Means To An End (Virgin 40660-2 1995)
When I See The Sun (Numero Group NUM201 2012)
True Faith (Rolling Stone Rare Trax 94 2015)
Corpus DelectiCeremonial (Mere Mortal MMP-1 1995)
Obsessions (Nightbreed NIGHT CD 013 1995)
Best of Corpus Delecti (Cleopatra 233 1998)
Last Obsessions (D-Monic d-m007 2011)
Shamus DarkSongs For Suicidal Lovers (Drum Music drumcd003 2006)
DC Shell30 years with(out) Ian Curtis: Transmission (Infrastition Fin056 2010)
Golden ApesStructures: The Inner Scars (Shadowplay SPR 036 2007)
Paul HaigPerformed on the cover version by Outernationale (see below)
Hitchcock's ScreamSomething About Joy Division (Vox Pop VP3 1989)
Peter Hook
  and The Light
1102 / 2011 (Haçienda Records HAC 014 2011)
  (this and some other releases feature the voice of Rowetta)
Unknown Pleasures / Closer: Live in Macclesfield (Play Concert 2013)
So This Is Permanence: Live in Macclesfield (Play Concert 2015)
Substance: Live in Manchester (Live Here Now 2016)
Closer: Live in Manchester (Westworld 105 2017)
Unknown Pleasures / Closer: at Hebden Bridge (Live Here Now 2017)
Unknown Pleasures / Closer: Live in Camden (Live Here Now 2017)
The Invincible SpiritA Change Of Speed, A Change Of Style (OVR CD0001 2015)
JamesAvailable on bootlegs of a live performance in 2009
Junghans4Y1ST: Four Years 1st Decade Records (1st Decade 2004)
The Last Hour3.5 Decades: A Joy Division Italian Tribute (Darkitalia dar001 2014)
LitmusLitmus (Armehund ARMCD001 2005)
  String Quartet
MSQ Performs Joy Division (Roma Music Group 2017)
Mirrors For
  Psychic Warfare
CVLT Nation Sessions: Closer (CVLT Nation 2015)
Moving UnitsCollision With Joy Division (Lolipop / Flowers of Romance 2017)
Murray The CopWalk In Line, Walk In Silence (Red Nail Music RNM023 2002)
NakedWatching The Trees (Nanada / Nakedmusic 2013)
Nau EnsembleThe Eternal (Atrium 22108 1999)
New OrderElectric Funeral (Ode To Joy 1987 - bootleg)
  (recorded live in Leuven, Belgium in 1985)
Cohesion (Collectiv CV0001 2001)
  (recorded live at the Reading Festival in 1998)
3 16 (Warner 84802 2001 - DVD)
  (recorded live at the Reading Festival in 1998)
5 11 (Warner 49366 2002 - DVD/video)
  (recorded live at Finsbury Park, London in June 2002)
In Session (Strange Fruit SFRSCD128 2004)
  (recorded for a BBC radio John Peel session in 1998)
NOMC15 (Mute CDSTUMM420 2017)
  (recorded live at Brixton Academy, London in 2015)
Also available on other bootlegs of live performances
NOTWarszawa: Tribute To Joy Division (Kuka KR001CD 2007)
OcasoOcaso (CD demo - no details known)
Ola PodridaThe Signal: Original Soundtrack (Lakeshore 33942 2008)
OuternationaleAtmosphere EP (Haçienda Records 2011)
Russ PayCloser Still (Dressed To Kill FUCT354 2000)
Released several times in compilations for digital downloading
(this version appears under several different artists' names)
The Pink
The Pink Mountaintops (Jagjaguwar JAG67 2004)
(r)In Pink (Important imprec157 2007)
Trent Reznor and
  Peter Murphy
Radio Sessions 2006 (bootleg/download)
(recorded for Radio Q101 in Chicago in July 2006)
  H Rowlands
Recorded in a radio session broadcast on Radio Cymru
Saints and LoversAtmosphere (Stolen Transmission 2006)
Shimmering StarsIt's Just As Well (Trivial Pursuit XO003 2010)
Shine CherriesShine Cherries (Little Kiss 2006)
SiderarticaNight Parade (Shadowlab 2002)
Simply DeadStill Hearing Voices (self-produced demo 1997)
Spiral of SilenceConnection (self-produced demo 1995)
SterlinRecorded and performed live but not released commercially
TechnovaElectrosexual (Hydrogen Dukebox DUKE127 2004)
A1 People/Technova 7" (Hydrogen Dukebox DUKE130 2004)
Fabric 19: Andrew Weatherall (Fabric 37 2004)
Vernian ProcessThe Forgotten Age (own release 2006)
WreckageCeremonial (Mere Mortal MMP-1 1995)
Cryptology (Carpe Mortem 108 2002)

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