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Heart and Soul

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Track history
Live performance released from February 28th 1980 at The Warehouse, Preston
Live performance on February 29th 1980 at The Lyceum released on Heart and Soul
Recorded in March 1980 at Britannia Row Studios, Islington, London
Released on Closer, on Permanent, on Heart and Soul and on Best Of Joy Division

Instincts that can still betray us
A journey that leads to the sun
Soulless and bent on destruction
A struggle between right and wrong
You take my place in the showdown
I'll observe with a pitiful eye
I'd humbly ask for forgiveness
A request well beyond you and I
Heart and soul - one will burn --

An abyss that laughs at creation
A circus complete with all fools
Foundations that lasted the ages
Then ripped apart at their roots
Beyond all this good is the terror
The grip of a mercenary hand
When savagery turns for good reason
There's no turning back, no last stand
Heart and soul - one will burn --

Existence - well what does it matter?
I exist on the best terms I can
The past is now part of my future
The present is well out of hand --
Heart and soul - one will burn --
One will burn, one will burn
Heart and soul - one will burn

Other information
Cover versions by:Released on:
A Certain RatioAnd You Forgotten (Urbanite FAC511 2006)
(recorded live at the Ritz, Manchester in 2004)
CraveBalance (Ego Development 001 1997)
Dani MaleA Different Story (Spazio Gerra Produzioni SGP01 2010)
Mark EitzelTen Years Of Tears (own release 2007)
ExtropyLove's Shattered Pride (Failure To Communicate 2005)
Femme Fatale30 years with(out) Ian Curtis: Transmission (Infrastition Fin056 2010)
54-40Steal This CD (Sony Canada CDNK1017)
Heart & SoulSongs of Joy Division (2.47 / Antena Krzyku AK2949 2013)
Peter Hook
  and The Light
Unknown Pleasures / Closer: Live in Macclesfield (Play Concert 2013)
So This Is Permanence: Live in Macclesfield (Play Concert 2015)
Unknown Pleasures: Live in Leeds (Westworld 104 2017)
Closer: Live in Manchester (Westworld 105 2017)
Unknown Pleasures / Closer: at Hebden Bridge (Live Here Now 2017)
Unknown Pleasures / Closer: Live in Camden (Live Here Now 2017)
Jah DivisionDub Will Tear Us Apart (The Social Registry TSR012 2004)
Lolly And BrainsLolly And Brains (Variz 005Den 2003)
New Order3 16 (Warner 84802 2001 - DVD)
(recorded live at the Reading Festival in 1998)
Also available on various bootlegs of live performances
B J NilsenRecovery (Fractured Recordings FRACT 01 2008)
Orange PartySomething About Joy Division (Vox Pop VP3 1989)
Rape BlossomsCVLT Nation Sessions: Closer (CVLT Nation 2015)
Russ PayCloser Still (Dressed To Kill FUCT354 2000)
Released several times in compilations for digital downloading
(this version appears under several different artists' names)
Susheela Raman33 1/3 (Saraswati / XIII Bis 70022640673 2007)
16 Horsepower16 HP (Glitterhouse GRDVD 622 2005 - DVD)
Community: A NewOrderOnline Tribute (Retroforward 01 2004)
Kendra SmithA Means To An End (Virgin 40660-2 1995)
Sub VersionCeremonial (Mere Mortal MMP-1 1995)
Two Moons3.5 Decades: A Joy Division Italian Tribute (Darkitalia dar001 2014)
Tymon and
  The Transistors
Warszawa: Tribute To Joy Division (Kuka KR001CD 2007)
Worm Is GreenHeart & Soul (own release MP3 single 2006)
Zoe LeaGods, Iron and Lovers (own release 2007)

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