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Track history
Recorded in March 1980 at Britannia Row Studios, Islington, London
Released on Komakino flexi, on Substance and on Heart and Soul

This is the hour when the mysteries emerge
A strangeness so hard to reflect
A moment so moving goes straight to your heart
The vision that's never been met
The attraction is held like a weight deep inside
Something I'll never forget

The pattern is set - the reaction will start
Complete but rejected too soon
Looking ahead in the grip of each tear
Recalls the life that we knew
The shadow that stood by the side of the road
Always reminds me of you

How can I find the right way to control
All the conflicts inside, all the problems beside
As the questions arise, and the answers don't fit
Into my way of things, into my way of things

Other information
The Komakino flexidisc was given away free as a Factory promotional gimmick
Cover version by:  Released on:
Peter Hook
  and The Light
So This Is Permanence: Live in Macclesfield (Play Concert 2015)
Substance: Live in Manchester (Live Here Now 2016)

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