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In a Lonely Place

This page contains the following information about this Joy Division song:
  • details of every known studio recording and every official release;
  • my transcription of the song lyrics, noting any significant variations;
  • known cover versions by other artists, and any other interesting facts.
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Track history
No studio recording by Joy Division, but later recorded by New Order
Part of a salvaged rehearsal performance was released on Heart and Soul

The first two verses are taken from Heart and Soul
Caressing the marble and stone
Love that was special for one
The waste in the fever and heat
How I wish you were here with me now

Body that curls in and dies
Heart shares that awful daylight
Warm like a dog round your feet
How I wish you were here with me now

The final verse is taken from the New Order recording
Hangman looks round as he waits
Cord stretches tight then it breaks
Someday we will die in your dreams
How I wish you were here with me now

Other information
There is a rehearsal recording of an early version which was given the title Misplaced
Cover versions by:  Released on:
The Baseball FieldRecorded but not released commercially
C BentleyCommunity: A NewOrderOnline Tribute (Retroforward 01 2004)
BushThe Crow - City of Angels (Miramax 533-147 1996)
Deconstructed (Trauma/Interscope INTD-90161 1997)
Swallowed (Trauma/Interscope IND-95528 1997)
FadestationThieves Like Us (Something Inviting si2-1238 2000)
Peter Hook
  and The Light
So This Is Permanence: Live in Macclesfield (Play Concert 2015)
Also available on albums of live performances of New Order songs
IkonIn a Lonely Place (Apollyon EFA 12166 1995)
Zillo Club Hits 1 (SPV 465176 1998)
Dawn of the Ikonoclast (Apollyon 1999)
Ceremony (Nile Records 2003)
The Burden of History (Equinoxe/Nile Records 2007)
LyciaCeremonial (Mere Mortal MMP-1 1995)
Compilation Appearances Vol 2 (Projekt 120 2001)
New OrderCeremony (Factory FAC 33 1981)
Substance (Factory FACD 200 1987)
Retro (London 49499 2002 - boxed set)
Steve Morris took the lead vocal on this early recording

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