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A Means To An End

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Track history
Live performance released from December 18th 1979 at Les Bains Douches, Paris
Recorded in March 1980 at Britannia Row Studios, Islington, London
Released on Closer and on Heart and Soul
Live performance on May 2nd 1980 at Birmingham University released on Still

A legacy so far removed
One day will be improved
Eternal rights we left behind
We were the better kind
Two the same - set free too
I always looked to you --

The first verse on the Bains Douches live album is something like:
  A legacy so far removed
  One day will be improved
  Secret trials - the judges warn
  Check like we're never born
  Win the right to set free
  What you will be will be
  I put my trust in you --

We fought for good - stood side by side
Our friendship never died
On stranger waves - the lows and highs
Our vision touched the skies
Immortalists with points to prove
[or in the Bains Douches live version:
  Captive souls - depleted soon]
[and in the Still live version:
  Immortalists depart too soon]
I put my trust in you --

A house somewhere on foreign soil
Where ageing lovers call
Is this your goal - your final needs?
[or in the Bains Douches live version:
  Is this your goal - your final round?]
[and in the Still live version:
  It's come to this - your final goal]
Where dogs and vultures eat
Committed still, I turn to go
I put my trust in you --

In you, in you, in you
Put my trust in you, in you

Other information
There is a rehearsal recording of an early version which was given the title From Night To Day
Cover versions by:Released on:
Luis AuserónRubbish Garbage Junk Punk (Rosevil 2009)
Bakterielle InfektionSleepless (White Head whsign 1006 1998)
Crimson MuddleCrimson Muddle EP (Zorch Factory ZFR008 2008)
GoticoA Means To An End (own release 2007 - three mixes)
Transmitiendo Desde América Del Sur (Licor de Mono 2007)
Heart & SoulSongs of Joy Division (2.47 / Antena Krzyku AK2949 2013)
Peter Hook
  and The Light
Unknown Pleasures / Closer: Live in Macclesfield (Play Concert 2013)
So This Is Permanence: Live in Macclesfield (Play Concert 2015)
Unknown Pleasures: Live in Leeds (Westworld 104 2017)
Closer: Live in Manchester (Westworld 105 2017)
Unknown Pleasures / Closer: at Hebden Bridge (Live Here Now 2017)
Unknown Pleasures / Closer: Live in Camden (Live Here Now 2017)
I-M-RA Tribute to Joy Division: Shadowplay (Syborgmusic sbm019 2013)
Jackie Stewart Said  Something About Joy Division (Vox Pop VP3 1989)
(this was a bonus track on the CD version of the album)
Modern Blossom3.5 Decades: A Joy Division Italian Tribute (Darkitalia dar001 2014)
MustekA Different Story (Spazio Gerra Produzioni SGP01 2010)
One Million
Warszawa: Tribute To Joy Division (Kuka KR001CD 2007)
R.E.C.R.E.C. (SPV 084-45652 1994)
Sun SplitterCVLT Nation Sessions: Closer (CVLT Nation 2015)
X-15Bombs And Insurance (New Soul Records NS001 2004)
(there are other versions of the album without this track)

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