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Track history
Recorded in December 1977 at Pennine Sound Studios, Oldham
Released on An Ideal For Living, on Substance and on Heart and Soul
Recorded on May 3rd/4th 1978 at Arrow Studios, Manchester; released on Warsaw
Live performance released from February 28th 1980 at The Warehouse, Preston

3-5-0-1-2-5 Go! [in the original version only]

I was there in the backstage when first light came around
I grew up like a changeling to win the first time around
I can see all the weakness - I can pick all the faults
I concede all the faith tests - just to stick in your throats
3-1-G - 3-1-G - 3-1-G

I hung around in your soundtrack to mirror all that you've done
To find the right side of reason - to kill the three lies for one
[or on the Preston live album:
  It's on the right side of reason - to nail the three lies for one]
I can see all the cold facts - I can see through your eyes
All this talk made no contact, no matter how hard I tried
3-1-G - 3-1-G - 3-1-G

I can still hear the footsteps - I can see only walls
I slid into your man-traps, with no hearing at all
[or in the Warsaw version:
  All this talk made no contact, with no hearing at all]
I just see contradiction - had to give up the fight
Just to live in the past tense - to make believe you were right
[or on the Preston live album:
  I can see contradiction - I can see only lies
  All I want is a just law - just to free my pride]
3-1-G - 3-1-G - 3-1-G


Other information
31G 350125 was the prisoner of war serial number assigned to Rudolf Hess after his capture
Cover versions by:Released on:
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  (this track is on a limited edition bonus CD only)
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Peter Hook
  and The Light
Unknown Pleasures: Live in Australia (Pylon 20 2011)
  (available on a limited edition vinyl version only)
So This Is Permanence: Live in Macclesfield (Play Concert 2015)
Substance: Live in Manchester (Live Here Now 2016)
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Closer: Live in Manchester (Westworld 105 2017)
In Loving MemoryA Tribute to Joy Division: Shadowplay (Syborgmusic sbm019 2013)
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JJ72Available on various bootlegs of live performances
LoomCovers (Hate Hate Hate hatehate004 2013)
MasalaWarszawa: Tribute To Joy Division (Kuka KR001CD 2007)
Moving UnitsCollision With Joy Division (Lolipop LPOP244 2017)
MquestionmarkA Different Story (Spazio Gerra Produzioni SGP01 2010)
New OrderPerformed live in 2006 - available on bootleg recordings
Russ PayCloser Still (Dressed To Kill FUCT354 2000)
Released several times in compilations for digital downloading
(this version appears under several different artists' names)
Penal ColonyPut Your Hands Down (Cleopatra 10942 1994)
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Poison 13Wine Is Red, Poison Is Blue (Sub Pop SP273 1994)
Love Me / Warsaw (Sub Pop SP274 1994)
Trent Reznor and
  Peter Murphy
Radio Sessions 2006 (bootleg/download)
(recorded for Radio Q101 in Chicago in July 2006)
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Sinezamia3.5 Decades: A Joy Division Italian Tribute (Darkitalia dar001 2014)
Sofa GlueYou've Changed (Ransom Note 15 1997)
Swing KidsSwing Kids (Three One G 2 1994)
Discography (Three One G 6 2001)
Venus VegasZehn B (Fidel Bastro FB 26 2002)
White FlagHistory Is Fiction (Tutl HJF96 2002)
You ShriekCeremonial (Mere Mortal MMP-1 1995)

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