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Listed on this page are books about Joy Division, Ian Curtis and New Order. The list also includes books covering wider topics such as Factory Records and the Manchester music scene. The Joy Division Central site has a comprehensive and illustrated guide to books and fanzines. Books which are still in print can be purchased from the Amazon.co.uk web site.

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When We Were Young
A Moment in Time
Published privately by Simon Barber 1983
These were limited editions in A5-size hardback and paperback versions. Both contain a history, lyrics, discography and concerts list. A Moment in Time has more about New Order, and has a supplement containing transcripts of interviews.

An Ideal for Living: A History of Joy Division
Proteus Books 1984; Bobcat Books 1986; Omnibus Press 1986
Written by Mark Johnson, with David Lees, Paul Morley and Jon Wozencraft, this well-illustrated biography of the band includes details of concerts and other important events in Joy Division's career.

Joy Division/New Order: A History in Cuttings
Author and publisher unknown, circa 1984
This is a collection of newspaper clippings, including reviews, articles and promotional material, plus lyrics, a gig list and a discography. There were several editions, growing in size and with a variety of covers. A reviewer described this as: "a Joy Division scrapbook compiling all the cuttings you could ever want (and quite a few that you'd never want)".

Joy Division
Babylon Books 1984
In addition to a history of Joy Division, this book by Mike West includes plenty of pictures and a list of equipment used by the band.

New Order and Joy Division: Pleasures and Wayward Distractions
Omnibus Press 1984 and 1988
Written by Brian Edge, this covers the history of both bands and describes each of their record releases.

Ian Curtis and Joy Division
Gammalibri 1987, Blues Brothers 2009
This is a biography written in Italian by Chino Ferrara.

Leur Histoire: A Band in the Decade
Published privately 1988
This was written in French by Jean-Francois Clément.

ReadyMade Publishing, Germany 1988
Written by Martin Drichel, this includes many of the designs created by Peter Saville.

Joy Division: Form (and Substance)
Sound Publishing, Cambridge 1988
By Clinton Heylin and Craig Wood, this has four parts: a history of the band (Form); an analysis of their music (Substance); details of live and studio recordings; photographs by Kevin Cummins. There is also a hardback limited edition.

Joy Division
Stampa Alternativa 1988, 1998
Written by Marco Broll, this Italian publication includes song lyrics, although these are not always correct. The booklet came with a CDS / 7" with four tracks: Incubation, As You Said, You're No Good For Me and Komakino.

From the Centre of the City
Stampa Alternativa 1990
Compiled by Alfredo Suatoni, this includes a list of Joy Division's concerts, a discography and a list of bootlegs. It also includes pictures that were used by Peter Saville when designing record sleeves for the band, and a CDS / 7" with the five songs from the Warsaw Demo.

Vie et Mort d'un Poulet Enragé
Camion Blanc 1991
Eugène Ralon wrote this personal account of his experience of Joy Division.

IN side OUT
Sonnentanz 1992
Written in German by Horst Puschmann, this contains a biography, gig list, song list and discography.

Joy Division
Published privately 1992
This was a home-produced limited edition by Neil Woodvine.

Lumière et Ténèbres
Camion Blanc 1994
A French biography by Sébastien Raizer, with more than 50 pictures and a discography. This has been reprinted several times with different covers.

Touching From a Distance: Ian Curtis and Joy Division
Faber and Faber 1995, 2001, 2005, 2007, 2014
Written by Deborah Curtis, the widow of Ian Curtis, this is a moving and readable account of Ian Curtis and his life, both with and away from Joy Division. The book also contains lyrics, photographs, a discography and a gig list. It has been re-issued several times and translated into French, German, Italian, Greek and Polish.

New Order + Joy Division: Dreams Never End
Omnibus Press 1995
Author Claude Flowers manages to cram a lot of information into a slim volume, lavishly illustrated with pictures of the band. As well as Joy Division and New Order, the book also covers Electronic, Revenge and The Other Two.

Time Travel
Chatto & Windus 1996, Vintage 1997
This collection of articles by Jon Savage includes two on Joy Division: a review of Unknown Pleasures from 1979, and the 1994 essay reproduced in the Heart and Soul booklet.

From Joy Division to New Order: The Factory Story
Factory: The Story of the Record Label
Virgin Books 1996, 2002, 2009
Written by Manchester music journalist Mick Middles, this is a sometimes rambling but often interesting account of the Manchester music scene. The book is not just about Joy Division and New Order, but covers the history of Factory Records and many of their other artists. It has been updated and re-issued twice with slightly different titles.

Manchester England: The Story of the Pop Cult City
Fourth Estate 1999
Written by former Hacienda DJ Dave Haslam, this is a social and cultural history of Manchester with the emphasis on its musical heritage. Joy Division are featured in the chapter covering the punk and post-punk period.

Better to Burn Out: The Cult of Death in Rock 'n' Roll
Thunder's Mouth 1999
Written by Dave Thompson, this catalogue of untimely deaths in rock music has a chapter on Ian Curtis.

24 Hour Party People
Channel 4 Books 2002 (FAC 424)
This is the "bizarre and not entirely fabricated" story of Factory's Tony Wilson, who writes about his experiences with Granada TV, Factory and the Hacienda during the Manchester "pop culture explosion".

3313: Unknown Pleasures
Continuum 2004
Chris Ott's take on the Joy Division story is based around their debut album and how it was created.

True Faith
Helter Skelter 2005
In his "Armchair Guide to New Order, Joy Division, Electronic, Revenge, Monaco and The Other Two", Dave Thompson charts the musical evolution of New Order and their various offshoots from their beginnings in Joy Division.

Joy Division and the Making of Unknown Pleasures
Unanimous / Vinyl Frontier 2006
Jake Kennedy gives a track-by-track assessment of Joy Division's recordings leading up to their classic debut album.

Torn Apart: The Life of Ian Curtis
Omnibus Press 2006
This biography of Ian Curtis was written by Mick Middles and Lindsay Reade, who were close to the Manchester music scene in the Joy Division era. The authors have interviewed Ian's family, friends and associates and have gathered previously unseen material in order to compile a comprehensive account of Ian's life and career. The book has been translated into French and Italian.

Factory Records: The Complete Graphic Album
Thames and Hudson 2006, Chronicle 2006
Compiled by Matthew Robertson, with a foreword by Tony Wilson, this is an illustrated catalogue of Factory's iconic artwork.

Rip It Up and Start Again: Postpunk 1978-1984
Faber and Faber 2006
Simon Reynolds' book sets out to "take a big-picture view of the entire post-punk period".

Who Killed Martin Hannett?
Aurum Press 2007
This "story of Factory Records' musical magician" was written by his friend Colin Sharp.

Bernard Sumner: Confusion
Independent Music Press 2007
Sub-titled "Joy Division, Electronic and New Order Versus the World", David Nolan's biography of Bernard Sumner includes comments from Bernard himself.

Joy Division: Broken Heart Romance
Arcana 2008
This is a commentary on Ian Curtis's lyrics by Italian writer Marco di Marco.

Joy Division: Piece By Piece
Joy Division: Fragments
Plexus 2007, Camion Blanc 2009
This book by writer and broadcaster Paul Morley is a collection of his published work about Joy Division, both contemporary and retrospective. The book has been translated into French.

To Hell With Publishing 2007
This is a showcase for photographs of Joy Division by Kevin Cummins, including previously unseen images.

Fotoreportage23: In Search of Ian Curtis
Lauschrausch 2007
Compiled by Katja Ruge, this is "a photographic mapping of places in the story of Joy Division and singer Ian Curtis".

In Control
Schirmer/Mosel 2008
This is a visual diary compiled by director Anton Corbijn during the making of the film about Ian Curtis.

1 Top Class Manager
Anti-Archivists 2008
This is a collection of notebooks and other material kept by Rob Gretton during his time as Joy Division's manager.

The North Will Rise Again: Manchester Music City 1976-1996
Aurum Press 2009
This is an "oral history" of Manchester music based on interviews conducted by John Robb.

Tony Wilson: You're Entitled to an Opinion
John Blake Publishing 2009
David Nolan's biography, recounting the "high times and many lives" of Tony Wilson, is based on numerous interviews with Wilson's family, friends and colleagues.

The Hacienda: How Not to Run a Club
Simon and Schuster 2009
Peter Hook calls on his memories of the Hacienda era to tell the "amazing true story of Manchester's most iconic nightclub".

Manchester: Looking for the Light Through the Pouring Rain
Faber and Faber 2009
This "visual record of the city and its pop history" features the photographs of Kevin Cummins.

Joy Division
Rizzoli International Publications 2010
This "heavily illustrated celebration of the band" is also based around the photographs of Kevin Cummins.

Shadowplayers: The Rise and Fall of Factory Records
Aurum Press 2010
James Nice has produced a comprehensive history of Factory Records from 1976 to its dissolution in 1992.

Mr Manchester and the Factory Girl
Plexus Publishing 2010
This is the story of Tony Wilson and his first wife, Lindsay Reade, written by Lindsay herself.

Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division
Simon and Schuster 2012
In his second book, Peter Hook provides an insider's view of Joy Division, the band and their music. This book has been translated into French and German.

Joy Division: The Alan Cross Guide
Joy Division: The Secret History
HarperCollins / Audio Joe 2012
These are respectively a short audiobook and e-book by Canadian broadcaster and writer Alan Cross. An audiobook and e-book about New Order are available in the same series.

The First Time I Heard Joy Division / New Order
Rosecliff Press 2012
Edited by Scott Heim, musicians and writers tell their stories of first hearing the music of the bands.

Martin Hannett: Pleasures of the Unknown
Ozit / Dandelion 2014
This is a book about Martin Hannett and his production techniques, written by Chris Hewitt.

Chapter and Verse: New Order, Joy Division and Me
Bantam Press 2014
This is the autobiography of Bernard Sumner, starting with his childhood and providing a behind the scenes account of his career with Joy Division and New Order.

So This Is Permanence
Faber and Faber 2014
A collection of Joy Division lyrics and other extracts from the notebooks of Ian Curtis, edited by Jon Savage.

New Order
Rizzoli International Publications 2015
This book is based around a "definitive collection of photographs" of New Order taken by Kevin Cummins.

The Blue Monday Diaries: In the Studio With New Order
Plexus Publishing 2015
An account by Michael Butterworth of the studio sessions for Blue Monday and the Power, Corruption and Lies album.

Substance: Inside New Order
Simon and Schuster 2016
The latest book by Peter Hook aims to provide a comprehensive history of New Order as seen from the inside.

Au Plan K
ARP2 éditions 2017
Philippe Carly has compiled a photographic record of Joy Division and other bands at the Plan K venue in Brussels.

This Searing Light, the Sun and Everything Else
Faber & Faber 2019
Subtitled Joy Division: The Oral History, this has been compiled by Jon Savage from interviews with band members and associates.

Record Play Pause: Confessions of a Post-Punk Percussionist
Constable 2019
In this first volume of his autobiography Stephen Morris writes about his early life and the Joy Division years.

Joy Division at Strawberry Studios
Legends Publishing 2019
This is a limited-edition volume based around photographs taken by Paul Slattery in 1979.

Decades of Devotion
Published privately 2019
Here Rob Summerfield writes about Joy Division and New Order from a fan's viewpoint.

And finally here are two books which helped to inspire Joy Division songs.

The House of Dolls (Das Hoys fun di Lalkes)
Frederick Muller 1956, Grafton 1971, Granada 1981, Senate Books 1997
This harrowing story about Nazi concentration camps inspired the name Joy Division and the song No Love Lost. It was written by Karol Cetinsky under his camp name and number (Ka-Tzetnik 135633), and was based on his family's own experiences. Several editions have been published in the original Yiddish and in an English translation.

The Atrocity Exhibition
Jonathan Cape 1970, Panther 1972, Re/Search 1990, Flamingo 2001, Fourth Estate 2014
This collection of stories by J G Ballard, with its strange mixture of science fiction, sex and violence, is reflected in the song Atrocity Exhibition.

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