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Compilations and Videos

On this page you can find details of compilation albums which include Joy Division tracks, and of videos and films which feature Joy Division. The entries in both sections are in approximate date order (compilations which are notable only for the inclusion of Love Will Tear Us Apart are listed separately). Those items which are still available can be purchased from the Amazon.co.uk web site.

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Compilation Albums

This section lists compilation albums which include Joy Division tracks, with the emphasis on compilations which feature other similar material, such as other Factory artists or the Indie scene from that period. I have not attempted to list compilations which are only available for digital downloading (the Joy Division tracks most used in MP3 compilations are Love Will Tear Us Apart and Transmission).
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Short Circuit: Live at the Electric Circus (Virgin VCL5003 1978)
This 10" LP was recorded live at The Electric Circus, in Manchester on October 2 1977, the night before the club was shut down. The Joy Division track was At A Later Date. They performed the song as Warsaw but are listed as Joy Division on the album sleeve. Other artists include The Fall and the Buzzcocks. Released June 1978.

A Factory Sample (Factory FAC 2 1978)
Joy Division contributed the songs Digital and Glass to this double 7" compilation EP, recorded in October 1978 at Cargo Studios, Rochdale. The other artists are John Dowie, Durutti Column and Cabaret Voltaire. Released December 1978.

Earcom 2: Contradiction (Fast Product FAST9B 1979)
This is a 12" compilation EP with contributions from Bascax, Thursdays and Joy Division. Joy Division perform Autosuggestion and From Safety to Where...?, both recorded in April 1979 at Strawberry Studios, Stockport (the Unknown Pleasures sessions). Released October 1979.

Indie Top Twenty, Vol 1 (Various labels TT 01 1987)
Indie Top Twenty, Vol 3 - War Of Independents (Various labels TT 03 1988)
Indie Top Twenty, Vol 5 - Spirit Of Independents (Various labels TT 05 1988)
The Joy Division tracks on these three "top twenty" compilations are respectively Transmission, Love Will Tear Us Apart and She's Lost Control.

Joy Division (Stampa Alternativa SCONC 001 1988)
From The Centre Of The City (Stampa Alternativa SCONC 016 1990)
These were Italian releases accompanied by a booklet. The first contains four tracks: Incubation, As You Said, You're No Good For Me and Komakino. The second contains the five songs from the Warsaw Demo.

Best of Peel Sessions par Bernard Lenoir (Fnac Music / Strange Fruit FC 1 1990)
This French compilation includes Joy Division's Love Will Tear Us Apart. The album also includes Dreams Never End by New Order.

Palatine: The Single (Factory FAC 304 1991)
This (12" and CD) single was released to promote the Palatine boxed set (FACT 400) in November 1991. It includes the Joy Division track Transmission.

Tears In Their Eyes (Factory FACT 314 1991)
The Joy Division tracks on this Factory compilation are Transmission and Love Will Tear Us Apart. The album also includes Ceremony by New Order.

Martin (Factory FACT 325 1991)
This tribute to producer Martin Hannett includes She's Lost Control by Joy Division and Everything's Gone Green by New Order.

The Beat Groups (Factory FACT 334 1991)
The Joy Division track on this Factory compilation is Wilderness. Also included are Age of Consent by New Order and Seven Reasons by Revenge.

Selling Out (Factory FACT 344 1991)
Atmosphere is the Joy Division track featured on this Factory compilation. The album also includes True Faith and World in Motion by New Order and Getting Away With It by Electronic.

Palatine: The Factory Story 1979-1990 (Factory FACT 400 1991)
A four-album boxed set containing three of the compilations listed above (FACT 314, FACT 334 and FACT 344). The fourth album (FACT 324) has no Joy Division tracks but includes The Beach and Confusion by New Order.

Palatine Lane (Factory FAC 303 1992)
This French promo release includes the Joy Division track Transmission.

Best of MTV's 120 Minutes, Vol 2 (Rhino 70546 1991)
The Joy Division track on this MTV compilation is Love Will Tear Us Apart. The album also includes Perfect Kiss by New Order.

The Indie Scene: 1978 (Connoisseur Collection IBM 78 1991)
The Indie Scene: 1979 (Connoisseur Collection IBM 79 1991)
The Indie Scene: 1980 (Connoisseur Collection IBM 80 1991)
The Joy Division tracks on this "story of British independent music" are Glass from 1978, Novelty from 1979 and These Days from 1980.

Joy Division: 1977-1980 (Factory COCY 9329-32 1992)
Released in Japan, this boxed set includes all four Factory albums on CD (Unknown Pleasures, Closer, Still and Substance) and a bonus CD single of Atmosphere/She's Lost Control. It comes with a booklet containing a history and lyrics in English and Japanese.

Joy Division/New Order Collection (Polydor K.K. DCI-3098 1993)
This rare/limited compilation of Joy Division/New Order/The Other Two tracks was released in Japan. The Joy Division tracks are: She's Lost Control, Wilderness, Warsaw, Transmission and Love Will Tear Us Apart.

The Spirit of the Edge, Vol 1 (Polygram CFNY 102.1 1994)
The Joy Division track on this Canadian compilation is Atmosphere.

Wave Romantics 2 (SPV 74146 1994)
This German compilation includes Joy Division performing Decades.

Untitled, Vol 2 (Global RADCD39 1996)
This album includes Love Will Tear Us Apart, also True Faith by New Order.

Basquiat: Soundtrack (Island 524-260 1996)
The soundtrack album from a film about the New York artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, this includes Joy Division performing These Days.

Too Young to Know, Too Wild to Care (Factory Too FACD 2.20 1997)
The Joy Division track on this Factory Too compilation is New Dawn Fades. The album also includes Age of Consent by New Order and Getting Away With It by Electronic.

Different Colours, Different Shades (Factory Too FACT 2.40 1997)
This Factory Too compilation includes Decades by Joy Division and Everything's Gone Green by New Order.

Trainspotting #2 (EMI 21265 / Capitol 21686 1997)
This "soundtrack and more" album includes Joy Division's Atmosphere.

Darkest Hour (Cleopatra 29 1997)
The Joy Division track on this "gothic" compilation is Isolation.

I Remember: A Travel In Time (SPV 085-61522 1997)
This German compilation includes Joy Division's New Dawn Fades.

And Here is the Young Man (Debutante 555976 1998)
This tribute to Martin Hannett includes She's Lost Control by Joy Division and Ceremony by New Order.

Sound of the Suburbs (Crimson CRIMIDCD52 1998)
Joy Division's contribution to this "suburban" compilation is Transmission.

Nocturnal (Polygram 555908 1998)
This album includes both Love Will Tear Us Apart and Shadowplay.

Eighties Mix (Global RADCD85 1998)
The mix includes Love Will Tear Us Apart, also Blue Monday by New Order.

Postpunk Chronicles Vol 2: Left of the Dial (Rhino 75333 1999)
This "post punk" compilation includes Joy Division's Transmission and Ceremony performed by New Order.

Punk and New Wave 1976-1979 (Universal MCD 60066 1999)
This five-CD boxed set includes Warsaw by Joy Division.

Rough Trade Shops 25 Years (Mute CDSTUMM191 2001)
This 25th anniversary compilation is another which features Transmission.

Punk (Columbia 504678 2001)
This punk collection includes Joy Division performing She's Lost Control.

Fractured Box (NMC Facd2.61z 2001)
This is a two-CD package comprising the Preston and Bains Douches live albums.

24 Hour Party People (London 0927-44930-2 2002)
This film soundtrack album features four Joy Division tracks: Transmission, Atmosphere, She's Lost Control and Love Will Tear Us Apart. The track list includes Temptation and Blue Monday by New Order, who also perform New Dawn Fades with Moby and Here To Stay with the Chemical Brothers.

Before And After (Fuel 2000 61213 2002)
A 2-CD set comprising the Complete BBC Recordings by Joy Division and BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert by New Order.

Don't Stop The 80s: Vol 2 (Warner 0927480562 2002)
This compilation includes Love Will Tear Us Apart, also Blue Monday by New Order.

No Thanks! The '70s Punk Rebellion (Rhino 73926 2003)
A four-CD boxed set, this includes Warsaw and Love Will Tear Us Apart.

Sangre Eterna (WEA International 61877 2003)
This original soundtrack album includes She's Lost Control by Joy Division.

Refractured Box One (Alchemy Refractured1 2004)
This is another re-packaging of the material on the Preston and Bains Douches live albums, with the Paradiso concert from Amsterdam on a bonus CD.

Back to Mine: Death in Vegas (DMC/Back to Mine BACKCD16 2004)
Death In Vegas chose Joy Division's Decades for their Back to Mine compilation.

House of Wax (Maverick 49365 2005)
This soundtrack album features New Dawn Fades by Joy Division.

All That Alternative (Warner 5046760322 2005)
This Australian compilation includes She's Lost Control by Joy Division and Crystal by New Order.

Black Heart Retrospective (Epitaph 86733 2005)
This Suicide Girls compilation is another to include She's Lost Control.

John Peel: A Tribute (Warner WSMCD226 2005)
This collection gives another outing to Love Will Tear Us Apart and also includes Ceremony by New Order.

Let The Movie Begin (Interstate 10795 2005 / Ozit 8795 2008)
This Joy Division compilation contains 14 songs in all, a mixture of studio and live performances. Between the music tracks are excerpts from interviews with the band members.

North By North West (Korova KODE1001L 2006)
This 3-CD set, sub-titled "Liverpool and Manchester from Punk to Post-Punk and Beyond" includes Transmission and No Love Lost by Joy Division and Ceremony by New Order.

Zero: A Martin Hannett Story (Big Beat CDWIKD270 2006)
Another tribute to Martin Hannett, this one features Transmission as its Joy Division track and In A Lonely Place by New Order.

A Life Less Lived: The Gothic Box (Rhino 73374 2006)
This collection of "essential Goth tracks" starts with Dead Souls by Joy Division.

Classics From John Peel's All Time Festive Fifty (Universal 9843452 2006)
This John Peel commemoration includes New Dawn Fades by Joy Division and True Faith by New Order.

John Peel: Right Time, Wrong Speed (Warner WMTV023 2006)
Another John Peel tribute, this album includes Atmosphere by Joy Division.

Musikk Fra Filmen Reprise (Playground DACD533 2006)
This film soundtrack album, released in Norway, includes New Dawn Fades.

Live At Leigh Rock Festival (Interstate 10796 2006 / Ozit 8796 2008)
This album includes ten Joy Division songs performed live at the Leigh open-air festival in August 1979. Other artists featured are A Certain Ratio, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark and The Teardrop Explodes.

Bose Collection: Party Disc 4 (WEA/Bose 2007)
The collection includes both Atmosphere and Love Will Tear Us Apart.

Taking Liberties: Soundtrack (357 Records 35703 2007)
Atmosphere also appears on this documentary soundtrack CD.

Control: Original Soundtrack (Warner 5144244782 / Rhino 333372 2007)
This compilation, released to accompany the feature film about Ian Curtis, includes three original Joy Division recordings (Dead Souls, Love Will Tear Us Apart and Atmosphere), two cover versions (Shadowplay and Transmission) and other music from the Joy Division era.

Joy Division: Vinyl Box Set (Warner 2564699291 / Rhino 330684 2007)
Vinyl re-releases of Unknown Pleasures, Closer and Still are packaged together in this limited edition boxed set.

Martin Hannett's Personal Mixes (Interstate 10797 / Ozit 8797 2007)
In The Studio With Martin Hannett (Interstate 10798 / Ozit 8798 2008)
These are compilations of Joy Division songs, work in progress and sound effects recorded by Martin Hannett.

The Edge of the 70s (BMG 88697372412 2008)
This triple CD compilation includes Transmission by Joy Division ...
The Edge of the 80s (BMG 88697293402 2008)
... and this one has Atmosphere by Joy Division and Temptation by New Order.

NME Classics (Virgin VTDCD900 2008)
This 3-CD compilation contains Atmosphere by Joy Division and Blue Monday by New Order.

It Started In Rochdale (Ozit 247 2008)
This album also contains a version of Atmosphere by Joy Division.

While She Was Out: Original Soundtrack (Lakeshore 2008)
Joy Division's Day Of The Lords is on this digitally released soundtrack album.

After Dark (Barnes and Noble 518487 2009)
This "alternative and gothic rock collection" includes Dead Souls by Joy Division.

Vox Pops Presents 1980s (Warner 526312 2009)
Hottest 100 of All Time (Triple J 5318795 2009)
Both include Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division and Blue Monday by New Order.

Awaydays: Original Soundtrack (Universal 5318892 2009)
This film soundtrack album includes the track Insight by Joy Division.

Factory Records: Communications 1978-1992 (Warner/Rhino 69379 2009)
This boxed set has four Joy Division tracks: Digital, She's Lost Control, Transmission and Love Will Tear Us Apart. The compilation also includes tracks by New Order, Electronic and The Other Two. Transmission (2010) and She's Lost Control (2013) also appeared on 4-track vinyl samplers taken from the album.

Joy Division Plus/Minus (Rhino 5186595937 2010 / Rhino 2564672145 2011)
This was originally a boxed collection of ten 7" singles, later released as ten CD singles. Seven are re-packaged versions of the 15 tracks from the official single releases, two more have the Joy Division tracks from A Factory Sample and Earcom 2, and the tenth contains Isolation and Heart And Soul.

Total: From Joy Division to New Order (Rhino 5249864795 2011)
This compilation contains five Joy Division tracks: Transmission, Love Will Tear Us Apart, Isolation, She's Lost Control and Atmosphere. The rest of the album comprises tracks by New Order.

Ceremony / In A Lonely Place (Rhino FAC 33 2011)
A 12" limited edition containing both the New Order and Joy Division versions of Ceremony and In A Lonely Place.

The Essential Movies (Rhino 5249857332 2011)
This 3-CD set includes Love Will Tear Us Apart, also True Faith by New Order.

Movement: The Peel Sessions 1977-1979 (EMI 0294962 2011)
Compiled from John Peel radio sessions, this includes Transmission by Joy Division.

Seriously 80s (Universal Music 5340201 2012)
This is another album with Love Will Tear Us Apart and True Faith by New Order.

Anthems: Electronic 80s 3 (Ministry of Sound MOSCD308 2012)
This 3-CD set includes Atmosphere by Joy Division and Confusion by New Order.

Fame: Jon Savage's Secret History of Post-Punk (Caroline True CTRUE8 2012)
The limited edition vinyl version includes Autosuggestion by Joy Division.

Made In Britain (Sony 88725412292 2012)
Take On Me: 80s The Collection (Rhino 5310547135 2012)
These both include Love Will Tear Us Apart and also Blue Monday by New Order.

The Old Grey Whistle Test: Punk and New Wave (Rhino 5310573732 2013)
This compilation includes She's Lost Control by Joy Division.

Electric 80s (Rhino WMTV 219 2014)
This 3-CD set includes Love Will Tear Us Apart and tracks by New Order and Electronic.

The 80s Part 2 (Sony 88843089232 2014)
This 80s box set is another with Love Will Tear Us Apart and True Faith by New Order.

The Many Faces of Joy Division (Music Brokers MBB7184 2015)
This 3-CD set includes 12 tracks by Joy Division, a live concert from Peter Hook and The Light, and a collection of tracks by other artists.

100 Greatest 80s (Rhino 9029573438 2017)
100 Greatest Driving Songs (Rhino 9029573444 2017)
These collections include Joy Division's Disorder and Atmosphere respectively.

Smash Hits: Punk and New Wave (Rhino 9029580407 2017)
Smash Hits: The 80s (Rhino 9029580417 2017)
Car-aoke: The Collection (Rhino 9029585092 2017)
These boxed sets include Love Will Tear Us Apart and Blue Monday by New Order.

Stranger Things: Music From The Netflix Original Series (Sony 88985480912 2017)
This soundtrack album includes Atmosphere by Joy Division.
And finally, here are some of the many other compilation albums which are notable only for the inclusion of Joy Division performing Love Will Tear Us Apart. This track also features on numerous compilations which are available for digital downloading.

One and Only: 25 Years of Radio One (Dutch East India DEI 8506 1992)
Rock & Wave Volume 1: Hits from the Underground (Columbia 472733 1992)
New Wave Club Class-X: The Best Of, Vol. 1 (Antler Subway AS 5110)
Just Can't Get Enough: New Wave Hits of the 80s, Vol 2 (Rhino 71695 1994)
Totally Wired (Razor & Tie 899 1995)
Shine Too (Polygram 5258582 1995)
Lost Property (EMI 52056 1996)
No 1 New Wave (Polygram 535323 1996)
Spirit Of The Edge: Volume 2 (PolyGram 535487 1996)
Boston Kickout: Soundtrack (Jive 43670 1996)
A Strange Kind of Love (Polygram 535516 1996)
The Best Punk Album in the World Ever #2 (Virgin 841537 1996)
Once in a Lifetime: 40 Classic New Wave Hits (Telstar 2889 1997)
Crush (Polygram 553295 1997)
Rip It Up: 20 Indie Hits (EMI 552917 1997)
Going Underground (Crimson CRIMIDCD02 1998)
Collected (London Records LOCOL 2 1998)
Shine Too (Polygram 525858 1998)
Relax: The Ultimate 80s Mix (Polygram 565285 1998)
New Wave Greats 1976-1983 (Repertoire 4774 1999)
Rage: The Album (EMI 498316 1999)
Dressed In Black (Polygram 564410 1999)
Guitar Club Classics (SPV 29432 2000)
Studio Brussel: Klas X (Double T DTM 301122 2000)
Series 7 Soundtrack (Koch KOC-CD-8251 2001)
Atomic 80s (Universal 585162 2001)
Glorious: 36 Essential Modern Anthems (Sony STVCD112 2001)
Fabric Live 07 (Fabric FABRIC14 2002)
Welcome To The Pleasuredome (Polystar 069-715 2002)
Ultimate Teen Flick Soundtrack (Warner WSMCD109 2002)
All Lined Up: The Kult Of The Eighties (Universal 039-477 2003)
Left of the Dial: Dispatches from the '80s Underground (Rhino 76490 2004)
Love Sucks (Rhino 73315 2006)
Songs For The Broken Hearted (Sony BMG 638974 2006)
Wristcutters: Soundtrack (Lakeshore 33928 2007)
The Second Wave (Rhino 8185 2008)
Smash Hits 1980 (Rhino 652136 2009)
Anthems: Electronic 80s (Ministry of Sound MOSCD201 2009)
Super Hits of the 80s into the 90s (Cleopatra 3664 2009)
Going Underground (Universal 5334050 2011)
80s Mixtape (Rhino/EMI WMTV167 2011)
Raised On New Wave / '80s (Cleopatra 2012)
Het Beste Uit Classics 100 (Radio 1 / Warner Benelux 2014)
Electric Dreams (UMOD 5379624 2017)
Smash Hits: Love Songs (Rhino 9029569452 2018)

Videos and Films

This section lists video and filmed material which features Joy Division and their music. As there is so little video footage of Joy Division, I have included items made for TV transmission or for promotional purposes which are not commercially available.
Icon Watching the reel as it comes to a close

Granada Reports (Granada 1978)
Shadowplay was performed for the Granada TV programme Granada Reports. This was later included on a retrospective video compilation officially released by Granada (see below).

What's On (Granada 1979)
She's Lost Control was performed for the Granada TV programme What's On. Although still in Granada's archive, this footage was never shown again and never released commercially.

Something Else (BBC 1979)
She's Lost Control and Transmission were recorded live for the BBC 2 programme Something Else. This performance was released commercially (in audio only) on the Complete BBC Recordings. Transmission has been seen many times on TV and was included in the New Order Story documentary. She's Lost Control was included in BBC TV's Punk Britannia series.

The Factory Flick (Factory FAC 9 1979)
This was an 8mm film premiered at the Scala Cinema, London, on September 13 1979, comprising:
  1. No City Fun - Joy Division (12 min)
  2. All Night Party - A Certain Ratio (3 min)
  3. Red Dress - Ludus (3 min)
  4. Joy Division (17 min)
No City Fun, filmed by Charles Salem, was based on Liz Naylor's article in Manchester City's City Fun fanzine and features music from Unknown Pleasures. Joy Division was a film by Malcolm Whitehead that includes Unknown Pleasures rehearsals at T J Davidson's studio, an interview with Joy Division's manager Rob Gretton recorded March 23 1979, and three songs performed at Bowdon Vale Youth Club on March 14 1979.

Love Will Tear Us Apart (promotional video 1980)
This was the official promotional video for the release of the single in 1980. Recorded in April 1980, the song was performed live rather than mimed, and the video footage was later matched to the record. It appears on some of the compilations listed below (Factory Instore Video, Substance and New Order Story) and on other multi-artist compilations.

Here Are The Young Men (Factory FACT 37 1982, IKON 2 1988)
This was the official Factory video release. The live concert footage is generally of poor quality. The video was released on August 18th 1982, but it has been long out of print and is hard to find.
  1. Rehearsals
  2. Decades
  3. Dead Souls
  4. Love Will Tear Us Apart
  5. Shadowplay
  6. Day of the Lords
  7. Digital
  8. Colony
  9. New Dawn Fades
  10. Autosuggestion
  11. Transmission
  12. Sound of Music
  13. She's Lost Control
  14. They Walked in Line
  15. I Remember Nothing
  16. Love Will Tear Us Apart  
Track 2 was a studio recording with video from Plan K, Brussels on October 16th 1979
Tracks 3 to 6 and 11 to 15 were live from the Apollo, Manchester on October 27/28th 1979
Tracks 7 to 10 were live from De Effenaar, Eindhoven on January 18th 1980
Track 16 is the official promotional video, with the video footage taken from a live performance in the rehearsal studio and later matched to the original record.

Factory Instore Video (Factory FAC 180 1987)
A promotional video featuring several Factory artists, this includes Love Will Tear Us Apart, also Bizarre Love Triangle and Shellshock from New Order.

Wired: Joy Division (Factory FAC 211 1988)
This was an 18-minute video of a Channel 4 TV documentary to mark the release of Substance. Broadcast on July 1 1988, it included interviews with Tony Wilson, Rob Gretton, Alan Erasmus, Paul Morley and New Order. The video was issued in an edited form for promotional purposes.

Atmosphere (Factory FACV 213 1988)
This was a promotional video, directed by Anton Corbijn, for the re-release of Atmosphere on single in 1988. It also appears on the Substance compilation below and on a promotional video (FACT 400V) for the Palatine boxed set in 1991. It was later included in the New Order Story documentary, on the Control DVD, and on a DVD featuring Anton Corbijn's work.

Joy Division Substance 1977-1988 (Factory FAC 277 1988)
Never commercially released, this was a video compiled from existing TV and film sources. It included the following:
  • TV appearances on Granada Reports and Something Else
    (Shadowplay / She's Lost Control / Transmission)
  • a live performance at Bowdon Vale Youth Club in Altrincham
    (She's Lost Control / Shadowplay / Leaders of Men)
  • a live performance at the Apollo Theatre in Manchester
    (Dead Souls / Wilderness)
  • the band's promotional videos
    (Love Will Tear Us Apart / Atmosphere)
  • the edited version of the Wired video (FAC 211)

P U N K (Warner 91011 1992)
Made in association with Granada TV, this video includes Joy Division's performance of Shadowplay on Granada Reports. It is a compilation of live performances by leading punk bands of the late 1970s, many of them filmed in Manchester. Other artists featured include The Stranglers, The Buzzcocks and Iggy Pop.

MTV Special: History of Factory (Factory/MTV FAC 339 1992)
A video of a 27-minute documentary featuring various Factory artists, including Joy Division excerpts (from Transmission, Atmosphere and Love Will Tear Us Apart) and interviews with (among others) Tony Wilson, Bernard Sumner, Stephen Morris and Peter Hook. It was first broadcast in January 1992 on MTV's 120 Minutes.

New Order Story (London 087-134-3 1993 / Warner 70485 2005)
This New Order documentary, available on DVD since 2005, includes three Joy Division tracks: Transmission (from the BBC TV programme Something Else), Love Will Tear Us Apart (the promo video) and Atmosphere (the Anton Corbijn video). Edited versions of the documentary have also been released with less Joy Division material.

Joy Division: Under Review (Chrome Dreams/Sexy Intellectual 510 2006)
Joy Division: Falling Up (Treble Clef TCF024 2013)
This is a documentary about Joy Division which includes short video clips of the band.

Control (Momentum Pictures MP640D 2008)
The DVD of the feature film about Ian Curtis has no Joy Division video footage, but the band's live performances are re-created by the actors who play Joy Division in the film. The original version of Atmosphere is heard at the end of the film, and the Anton Corbijn 1988 video is a bonus item.

Joy Division (Universal 825-683-1 2008)
This documentary about Joy Division includes extracts from many of the live video items listed above. Most of the narrative comes from interviews with the surviving members of the band and their associates. Here too the studio version of Atmosphere is played over the closing sequence. The DVD was also released in France by Fnac in its Coffret Culte series, packaged with the Closer CD.

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