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Part Two: September 1979 to May 1980

This page lists Joy Division's live concert performances in chronological order. The concert dates and venues are listed by month, followed by notes on those performances which were significant in terms of the band's career, and those which were recorded.

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Joy Division concerts in the autumn of 1979

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September 1979
8th:Futurama Festival, Queen's Hall, Leeds
Joy Division appeared on the opening day of John Keenan's "Science Fiction Music Festival" (the event is usually known as Futurama or Futurama '79). There were 17 bands in all, including Cabaret Voltaire, OMD, Public Image Limited and A Certain Ratio. NME's Andy Gill voted Joy Division as "unquestionably the real stars of the night". There are bootleg recordings of their performance.
14th:Rock Garden, Middlesbrough (probably confused with 14th September 1977)
22nd:Nashville Rooms, Earls Court, London
Some of the performance at the Nashville Rooms is also available on bootleg recordings, including one with the only reference to the band on record as the Stiff Kittens. After this gig (or possibly after the earlier visit in August) the van carrying Peter Hook, Terry Mason and the band's equipment was hit by truck on the journey home.
28th:The Factory, Manchester
This was the group's final gig at the Russell Club location before it shut down for the first time. The club was jammed with 800 people. Before Joy Division went on stage Ian had a seizure and was badly shaken, but he gave an excellent performance. The gig was marred by some violence when Peter Hook jumped off the stage with his bass in pursuit of some thugs who were hassling the audience.
29th:The Mayflower Club, Manchester

Joy Division's UK tour with the Buzzcocks

October 1979
Although Joy Division were the support act on the Buzzcocks tour of Britain, on several nights they completely out-performed the Buzzcocks. Some further concerts were planned for Ireland but were subsequently cancelled, leaving a gap in the schedule in mid-October.
2nd:Mountford Hall, Liverpool University
3rd:Students Union, Leeds University
4th:City Hall, Newcastle
5th:Apollo, Glasgow, Scotland
6th:Odeon, Edinburgh, Scotland
7th:Capitol, Aberdeen, Scotland
8th:Caird Hall, Dundee, Scotland
16th:Plan K, Brussels, Belgium (on a short break from the tour)
Joy Division took advantage of the few days off from the Buzzcocks tour to play with Cabaret Voltaire at Plan K. There are reports of this event being featured on a Belgian TV show, but although there were certainly cameras present, these reports remain unconfirmed. The main act was American author William S Burroughs, one of Ian's idols. Unfortunately when Ian went up to talk to him the author told Ian to get lost.
18th:Bangor University
20th:Loughborough University
21st:Top Rank, Arundel Gate, Sheffield
22nd:Assembly Rooms, Derby
23rd:King George's Hall, Blackburn
24th:The Odeon, Birmingham
25th:St George's Hall, Bradford
26th:Electric Ballroom, Camden, London (another break from the tour)
On the 26th Joy Division stepped off the Buzzcocks tour again to play a gig on their own in London. A Certain Ratio provided support. Joy Division's performance can be found on bootleg recordings.
27th:Apollo Theatre, Manchester
28th:Apollo Theatre, Manchester
The highlights in October were the two nights at the Apollo in Manchester, both videotaped by Richard Boon. Several of the songs are featured on the video Here Are The Young Men (FACT 37).
29th:De Montfort Hall, Leicester
30th:New Theatre, Oxford
November 1979
1st:Civic Hall, Guildford
2nd:Winter Gardens, Bournemouth
Three songs from Bournemouth appear on Heart and Soul. This concert is also available on bootleg recordings.
3rd:Sophia Gardens, Cardiff (cancelled)
4th:Colston Hall, Bristol
5th:Pavilion, Hemel Hempstead
7th:Pavilion, West Runton, Norfolk
9th:Rainbow Theatre, Finsbury Park, London
10th:Rainbow Theatre, Finsbury Park, London
The conclusion of the Buzzcocks tour at the Rainbow also features on bootlegs, although the setlists for each night are not always correctly attributed.
December 1979
8th:Eric's, Liverpool
18th:Les Bains Douches, Paris
Thirty minutes of Joy Division's performance from Les Bains Douches were broadcast live on French radio. The concert is available on several bootlegs, some recorded from the radio! Nine tracks were eventually released on an official live album.
31st:Woolworth's, Oldham Street, Manchester
Joy Division ended 1979 by playing at a Factory New Year's Eve Party in a warehouse above Woolworth's store near Manchester's Piccadilly Gardens.

Joy Division's tour of Continental Europe

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January 1980
11th:Paradiso Club, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
At the Paradiso, the local support didn't want to play so Joy Division stood in for them, playing two completely different sets for the price of one, 17 songs in all (including two encores). The Paradiso was one of the most popular sources of bootleg recordings, and the concert was also broadcast on Dutch radio. The tracks were eventually released on a compilation album in 2004.
12th:Paard Van Troje, The Hague, The Netherlands
13th:Doornroosje, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
14th:King Kong, Antwerpen, Belgium
15th:The Basement, Cologne, Germany
The Cologne concert took place in the converted basement of an old church. The atmosphere was outstanding, the audience was very enthusiastic about the band's music, and the sound was greatly enhanced by the odd acoustics of the arched and vaulted crypt.
16th:Club Lantaren, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
17th:Plan K, Brussels, Belgium
The Plan K performance was yet another which found its way onto a bootleg album.
18th:De Effenaar, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
The Effenaar concert was another favourite for the bootleggers, with 16 tracks available on record. Some tracks also appear on the Here Are The Young Men video and on the Bains Douches live album.
19th:Club Vera, Groningen, The Netherlands
21st:Kant Kino, Berlin, Germany

Joy Division's final round of UK concerts

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February 1980
7th:The Osborne Club, Oldham Road, Manchester
Joy Division headlined a benefit concert for the Manchester magazine City Fun. It was arranged by Factory (the venue is sometimes called Factory II) so both Section 25 and A Certain Ratio appeared.
8th:University College Union, Bloomsbury, London
Joy Division were again the headline act, supported by Section 25, A Certain Ratio and Killing Joke. Paul Morley wrote in the NME about Joy Division's "mood, atmosphere and ephemeral terror".
20th:Town Hall, High Wycombe
The High Wycombe gig is another performance much featured on bootleg recordings. Killing Joke and A Certain Ratio again provided the support.
28th:The Warehouse, Preston
The Preston concert also appears on several bootleg albums, and the full concert was eventually released as an official live album in 1999. Some PA problems interrupted the proceedings, causing Ian to remark that "everything's falling apart". When things were eventually sorted out the band gave a rousing performance of Shadowplay.
29th:The Lyceum, Strand, London
The Lyceum was a prestigious concert with Killing Joke and Joy Division co-headlining, with Section 25 and A Certain Ratio providing support. Some of this Joy Division performance appears on the Heart and Soul boxed set, and was also put out on bootlegs (almost inevitably it seemed at this stage in their career).
March 1980
5th:Trinity Hall, Bristol
April 1980
2nd:The Moonlight Club, West Hampstead, London
3rd:The Moonlight Club, West Hampstead, London
4th:Rainbow Theatre, Finsbury Park, London
4th:The Moonlight Club, West Hampstead, London
After much of March was spent in the recording studio, April had a hectic start with four live gigs in three days. The three nights at the Moonlight Club were organised by Factory under the title Factory by Moonlight, and were another source for bootlegs. The version of Sister Ray which appears on Still was recorded here. Section 25 provided support.
Joy Division were invited to perform at a benefit concert at the Rainbow for the Stranglers' lead singer Hugh Cornwell who was in Pentonville Prison for drug possession. Unfortunately the venue featured strobe lights, which caused Ian to have an epileptic seizure during the final song. He later had to be helped off stage halfway through the performance at the Moonlight Club.
5th:Winter Gardens, Malvern
Joy Division finished a glowing set at Malvern with an encore jam (of Girls Don't Count) with the support group Section 25. Excerpts are available on several bootleg recordings.
8th:Derby Hall, Bury
The Bury gig was chaotic. Due to Ian's health he only performed two songs. The other members of Joy Division joined the supporting group, Section 25, on stage with guest vocalist Alan Hempsall. With the tickets having sold for high prices on the black market, some members of the audience lost their patience with this impromptu line-up and fighting broke out.
11th:The Factory, Manchester
The original Factory venue re-opened for a few Friday dates. Joy Division had been booked only 10 days ahead of their appearance, and with minimum advertising the band still drew a crowd of 900 people to the club.
19th:Ajanta Cinema, Derby
Some accounts appear to confuse the Derby gig with the earlier one at Derby Hall, Bury by implying that Ian's performance was curtailed. In fact Joy Division played a full set at Derby, including another jam with Section 25.
25th:Scala Cinema, London (cancelled)
May 1980
2nd:High Hall, Birmingham University
8th:The Astoria, Edinburgh (cancelled)
For Joy Division's final performance at Birmingham University they were supported by A Certain Ratio. This was the only occasion when Joy Division performed Ceremony. The performance was recorded and released by Factory on the double album Still. The final song heard from Ian was the encore, Digital.
21st:Hurrah, New York (cancelled)
22nd:Hurrah, New York (cancelled)
23rd:Hurrah, New York (cancelled)
25th:The Edge, Toronto (cancelled)
27th:Tuts, West Belmont, Chicago (cancelled)
June 1980
1st:Tier 3, New York (cancelled)
9th:Starwood, Hollywood, Los Angeles (cancelled)
Little is known for certain about the dates and venues which Joy Division intended to play on their US tour. Some of the planned concerts are listed here where evidence exists in the form of tickets or posters. There are several unconfirmed reports of plans to visit other venues. New Order played at some of the same venues when they eventually reached the US in September.

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