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Late 1976 Ian's memorial Late 1978
Early 1977 Early 1979
Late 1977 Late 1979
Early 1978 Early 1980
Afterwards: Without Ian Curtis

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Icon Wise words and sympathy tell the story of our history

In writing a story like this it is sometimes hard to distinguish facts from myths and legends, and to reconcile differing accounts. Much of my source material was based on distant (and possibly faulty) memories. Even contemporary accounts sometimes recorded what was rumoured at the time rather than what actually happened.

I have tried to confine myself to describing events which are well documented or undisputed, but I recognise that a band of the stature of Joy Division is entitled to have a few myths and legends constructed around them! So while I cannot claim that this story is accurate in every last detail, I hope that I have reported all of the important facts and dispelled some of the myths.

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