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This page lists some of the other web sites covering Joy Division, New Order and Factory which I have found to be informative and/or interesting. I have not tried to list every relevant site, and a search engine will help you to find the rest. I do not check these links regularly, so I cannot guarantee that they will all work.

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Joy Division Central
Maintained by Mark Price (with input from a number of associates, including me) this has long been the largest and best Joy Division resource on the web. Anything that you can't find on the Shadowplay site is probably on Joy Division Central, so look there first.

Joy Division: The Eternal
Michel Enkiri has a comprehensive Joy Division site, with plenty of information and pictures.

Wikipedia: Joy Division
The Wikipedia entry for Joy Division includes many references to related material.

This Canadian site has a large multimedia section and plenty of other New Order material.

Steve Smith runs a growing site dedicated to New Order and their various side projects.

Cerysmatic Factory
This site contains plenty of information about Factory Records and Factory artists.

A Factory Discography
This is a detailed and illustrated Factory catalogue maintained by Dennis Remmer.

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