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This page lists official video and DVD releases and compilation albums by Led Zeppelin and Robert Plant. Many of these items can be purchased from the Amazon.co.uk web site. Also listed below are other appearances on record by Led Zeppelin and Robert Plant.

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Led Zeppelin and Robert Plant Videos and DVDs

The Song Remains The Same (Warner 11389 1976 / Warner 72654 2007)
The video release of the Led Zeppelin film shot in 1973. In addition to live concert footage from Madison Square Garden, the film includes fantasy sequences featuring the individual band members.
The video was re-released in 1988 and made available on DVD in 1999.
A remastered and extended version was released on DVD only in 2007.

DVD Cover Rock And Roll
Black Dog
Since I've Been Loving You
No Quarter
The Song Remains The Same   
The Rain Song
Dazed And Confused
Stairway To Heaven
Moby Dick / Heartbreaker
Whole Lotta Love
VHS Cover
DVD Cover The 2007 version also has:
Over The Hills And Far Away
Celebration Day
Misty Mountain Hop
The Ocean

Mumbo Jumbo (Warner/Atlantic 50247 1988, 1991)
A collection of some of Robert Plant's solo promotional videos.

VHS Cover Heaven Knows
Big Log
Little By Little
In The Mood
Tall Cool One

The 1991 version also has:
Hurting Kind (I've Got My Eyes On You)
Nirvana (live)

No Quarter (Warner 52000 1995)
An extended version of the Page and Plant MTV Unledded programme.
A DVD version was released in 2004 with some bonus material added.

VHS Cover No Quarter
Thank You
What Is And
  What Should Never Be
The Battle Of Evermore
Gallows Pole
Nobody's Fault But Mine
City Don't Cry
The Truth Explodes (Yallah)  
Wah Wah
When The Levee Breaks
Wonderful One
Since I've Been Loving You
The Rain Song
That's The Way
Four Sticks

Led Zeppelin (Warner 70198 2003)
A compilation of previously unreleased video footage of Led Zeppelin, from the Royal Albert Hall in 1970, Madison Square Garden in 1973, Earls Court in 1975 and Knebworth in 1979. The release (available on both VHS and DVD) includes a number of "extras" in addition to the main concert recordings.

VHS Cover We're Gonna Groove
I Can't Quit You Baby
Dazed And Confused
White Summer
What Is And What Should ... 
How Many More Times
Moby Dick
Whole Lotta Love
Communication Breakdown
C'mon Everybody
Somethin' Else
Bring It On Home
Immigrant Song / Black Dog
Misty Mountain Hop
Since I've Been Loving You
The Ocean / Going To California
That's The Way / Bron Yr Aur Stomp
In My Time Of Dying
Trampled Under Foot
Stairway To Heaven / Rock And Roll
Nobody's Fault But Mine
Sick Again / Achilles' Last Stand
In The Evening
Kashmir / Whole Lotta Love

Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation (Rounder 2190 / Universal 1712971 2006)
A DVD of Robert Plant's performance for the PBS TV series Soundstage.
Recorded at the Soundstage studio in Chicago in September 2005.

DVD Cover No Quarter
Shine It All Around    
Black Dog
Freedom Fries
Four Sticks
Tin Pan Valley
The Enchanter
Whole Lotta Love
Bonus tracks on most releases:
Hey Joe
Girl From The North Country
Bonus tracks on some releases:
Morning Dew (promo video)
29 Palms (promo video)
29 Palms (Top of the Pops)
Big Log (Top of the Pops)

IconLed Zeppelin Compilation Albums

Remastered Collections (see the songs page for the contents of these albums)

Cover Remasters (Atlantic 7567 80415 2)
  Double album released October 1990
Led Zeppelin (Atlantic 7567 82144 2)
  Four-CD boxed set released October 1990
Remasters (Atlantic 7567 82371 2)
  With interview disc, released February 1992
Led Zeppelin II (Atlantic 7567 82477 2)
  Two-CD boxed set released September 1993

Complete Studio Recordings (Atlantic 7567 82526 2, released September 1993)
A boxed set containing remastered editions of all nine studio albums, plus bonus tracks:
Baby Come On Home, Hey Hey What Can I Do, Travelling Riverside Blues, White Summer

Early Days (Atlantic 7567 83268 2, released November 1999)

The Best of Led Zeppelin: Volume One
Good Times Bad Times
Babe I'm Gonna Leave You   
Dazed And Confused
Communication Breakdown
Whole Lotta Love
What Is And
  What Should Never Be
Immigrant Song
Since I've Been Loving You
Black Dog
Rock And Roll
The Battle Of Evermore
When The Levee Breaks
Stairway To Heaven
Includes QuickTime video of Communication Breakdown

Latter Days (Atlantic 7567 83278 2, released March 2000)

The Best of Led Zeppelin: Volume Two
The Song Remains The Same 
No Quarter
Houses Of The Holy
Trampled Under Foot
Ten Years Gone
Achilles' Last Stand
Nobody's Fault But Mine
All My Love
In The Evening
Includes QuickTime video of Kashmir

Early Days and Latter Days were also released together as a 2-CD pack

Mothership (Atlantic 8122 79961 5, released November 2007)

Cover Good Times Bad Times
Communication Breakdown
Dazed And Confused
Babe I'm Gonna Leave You   
Whole Lotta Love
Ramble On / Heartbreaker
Immigrant Song
Since I've Been Loving You
Rock And Roll / Black Dog
When The Levee Breaks
Stairway To Heaven
The Song Remains The Same
Over The Hills And Far Away
D'yer Maker
No Quarter
Trampled Under Foot
Houses Of The Holy
Nobody's Fault But Mine
Achilles' Last Stand
In The Evening
All My Love

Mothership was also released with a bonus DVD of live footage from the Led Zeppelin DVD

IconRobert Plant Compilation Albums

Sixty Six to Timbuktu (Mercury 981 319 9, released November 2003)

Cover Tie Die On The Highway
Upside Down
Promised Land
Tall Cool One
Dirt In A Hole
Calling To You / 29 Palms 
If I Were A Carpenter
Sea Of Love
Darkness Darkness
Big Log / Ship Of Fools
I Believe / Little By Little
Heaven Knows
Song To The Siren
You Better Run / Our Song
Hey Joe / For What It's Worth
Operator / Road To The Sun
Philadelphia Baby
Red For Danger
Let's Have A Party
Hey Jayne / Louie Louie
Naked If I Want To / 21 Years
If It's Really Got To Be This Way
Rude World / Little Hands
Life Begin Again
Let The Boogie Woogie Roll
Win My Train Fare Home
Includes QuickTime videos: Darkness Darkness Calling To You

Nine Lives (Rhino 8122 78778 2, released November 2006)
A boxed set containing remastered and expanded editions of all nine solo studio albums
The previously unreleased songs are Lively Up Yourself, Turnaround and Rollercoaster
Other bonus tracks include single B-sides and live and remixed versions of album tracks
The set also includes a DVD compilation of Plant's solo music videos, plus interviews

IconOther Appearances on Record

Listed below are other record releases which include a significant or interesting contribution from Led Zeppelin or Robert Plant, although it is not intended to be a complete list of every appearance. The list includes multi-artist compilation albums (and the occasional video) and guest appearances on other artists' records.

Bootleg Him (Castle CLA 291 1972)
Robert Plant contributed vocals and harmonica to one track (Operator) of this Alexis Korner album.

Concerts for Kampuchea (Atlantic K60153 1981)
Robert Plant guested with Rockpile, while Plant, John Bonham and John Paul Jones performed with Paul McCartney's Rockestra at this concert in December 1979.

Porky's Revenge (Mobile Fidelity 797 1985)
Robert Plant and friends performed Philadelphia Baby under the name of the Crawling King Snakes. Dave Edmunds produced this soundtrack album.

Supershow (Virgin VVD 167 1986)
A video release of a music documentary film shot in 1969, which included Led Zeppelin performing Dazed and Confused.

Atlantic's Classic Rock: 1966-1988 (Atlantic 81908 1988)
A compilation album issued as part of Atlantic's 40th birthday celebrations, this included three Led Zeppelin tracks (Dazed and Confused, Whole Lotta Love and Stairway to Heaven) and Tall Cool One from Robert Plant's solo repertoire.

Outrider (Geffen GED 24188 1988)
A Jimmy Page "solo" album with three guest vocalists: John Miles, Chris Farlow and Robert Plant, who joined Jimmy on The Only One. Jason Bonham played drums on most of the tracks.

The Last Temptation of Elvis (NME 038/039 1990)
Robert Plant performed Let's Have a Party on this Elvis Presley tribute album.

Knebworth: The Album (Polydor 847042 1990)
A live album recorded at the Silver Clef award winners' show at Knebworth, June 30th 1990. The Robert Plant tracks were Hurting Kind, Liar's Dance, Tall Cool One and Wearing And Tearing (the last with Jimmy Page).

Atlantic Rock and Roll (Atlantic 82306 1991)
This was a re-release of Atlantic's Classic Rock album as a 3-CD boxed set.

Wayne's World 2 (Reprise 45485 1993)
Robert Plant performed Louie Louie on this film soundtrack album.

Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert (Picture Music International MVB 1062 1993)
A video shot at the Wembley concert where Robert Plant performed with Queen.

Adios Amigo (Razor & Tie 2814 1994)
Robert Plant sang If It's Really Got To Be This Way on this tribute to Arthur Alexander.

Encomium (Atlantic 82731 1995)
This was a compilation of Led Zeppelin songs performed by various artists, and was also released as a video. Robert Plant and Tori Amos contributed Down By The Seaside.

The Inner Flame (Atlantic 83008 1997)
Robert Plant contributed 21 Years to this tribute to Czech musician and songwriter Rainer Ptacek, and joined up with Jimmy Page to perform Rude World.

Musically Rich ... and Famous (Castle 653 1998)
This Alexis Korner compilation included both of the tracks he recorded with Robert Plant (Operator and Steal Away).

Blues Blues Blues (Atlantic 83148 1999)
Page and Plant performed Gonna Shoot You Right Down on this Jimmy Rogers tribute album.

Paris Concert for Amnesty International (Image Entertainment 1999)
Page and Plant's performance at the Amnesty concert in December 1998 can be seen on video and DVD.

More Oar (Birdman 70023 1999)
Robert Plant performed Little Hands on this tribute to Alexander "Skip" Spence, which is a cover of Spence's original Oar album.

Volume 3: Further In Time (Real World CDRW96 / 10184 2001)
Robert recorded the track Life Begin Again with the Afro Celt Sound System.

Good Rockin' Tonight: The Legacy of Sun Records (Sire 31165 2001)
This 50th anniversary tribute to Sun Records includes Page and Plant performing My Bucket's Got A Hole In It.

More Friends: Small World Big Band Vol 2 (Rhino 73884 / WEA 49419 2002)
Robert Plant joined Jools Holland to perform Let the Boogie Woogie Roll.

MAS Records No 1 (Mighty Atom Smasher 2002)
This release from the Kidderminster College record label includes the Priory of Brion's recording of Evil Woman, listed here as Curse The Evil Woman.

The Festival In The Desert (Creon/IRL IRL002 2003)
This compilation from the festival held in Mali in January 2003 includes Robert Plant and Justin Adams performing Win My Train Fare Home.

MAS Records No 2 (Mighty Atom Smasher 2003)
The second MAS compilation includes the track Flames by "Johnny Volcano", which is actually Robert Plant performing with the Priory of Brion.

Roll The Dice (Mi5 Recordings MUK007 2004)
Robert Plant and Jeff Beck joined the Big Town Playboys on the track Look Out Mabel.

Cropredy Capers (Woodworm 25 2004)
Fairport Convention perform Ramble On with Robert Plant on this Cropredy Festival celebration.

MAS Records No 3 (Mighty Atom Smasher 2005)
This compilation includes the Priory of Brion's recording of Morning Dew (listed as Bitter Blue Morning Dew) and the Band of Joy demo Adriatic Sea View (listed as Seaview).

Ever Fallen In Love (Liberty PeelCD1 2005)
Robert Plant was one of many artists who recorded this CD single as a tribute to John Peel.

Little Sister / Gone (Ten Club 2006)
This single released to Pearl Jam's fan club includes Little Sister performed live with Robert Plant.

Raising Sand (Rounder 619075 / Decca 4780205 2007)
This album emerged from a collaboration between Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, and was produced by T Bone Burnett. Robert Plant takes the lead vocal on Polly Come Home, Please Read The Letter, Fortune Teller and Nothin'. Alison Krauss also has four "solo" tracks and plays violin, while the other five tracks are duets.
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