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This page lists, in alphabetical order, songs performed by Robert Plant with the Priory of Brion. Other pages list "mainstream" Led Zeppelin and Robert Plant solo recordings, and rare and unrecorded material (including songs which were originally released only on single B-sides or videos).

The Priory of Brion reunited Robert Plant with his old friend Kevyn Gammond from the Band of Joy, and grew out of Kevyn's connections with music education at Kidderminster College. They set out to play cover versions of songs which influenced Robert and Kevyn in the early days. The full line-up was: Andy Edwards (drums), Kevyn Gammond (guitar), Robert Plant (vocals), Paul Timothy (guitar and keyboards), Paul Wetton (bass).

Studio recordings were made of Evil Woman, Flames and Morning Dew, the result of a visit to Monnow Valley Studios near Monmouth in the summer of 2000. These have been released on compilation CDs by MAS Records, a label run by staff and students at Kidderminster College. There are also many bootleg recordings of live concert performances.

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A House Is Not A Motel (Lee)
Written by Arthur Lee, this was the first track taken from Love's Forever Changes, one of Robert's own favourite albums. This later became the regular set opener, and was one of several songs where PoB improved on the original, giving it a sharper edge. It was carried forward into Strange Sensation's live act.
As Long As I Have You (Elgin/Ragavoy)
Once used regularly by Led Zeppelin in their early stage act, this was originally recorded by Garnet Mimms. PoB seemed to play this differently each time, with inserts taken from other songs, but every version was interesting.
August (Lee)
This Love song, from the album Four Sail, was played a few times only.
Baby Please Don't Go (Williams)
I first got to know this Big Joe Williams song through Them in the Sixties (this and Gloria are also on the Best of Van Morrison album). PoB played it fast and furious.
Bluebird (Stills)
Written by Stephen Stills in his Buffalo Springfield days, this often appeared on Robert's solo setlist. PoB developed an excellent version of a good song.
Bummer In The Summer (Lee)
This was the second track taken from Love's Forever Changes album. PoB's version rattled along quite cheerfully, but some performances worked better than others.
Chevrolet (Young/Young)
This song by Ed and Lonnie Young was played a few times in December 2000.
Darkness Darkness (Young)
Written by Jesse Colin Young for the Youngbloods, this was transformed by PoB into a moving and dramatic piece. Usually there were long instrumental sections, during which the flavour could vary from rock to jazz. It was later performed regularly by Strange Sensation and recorded on the Dreamland album.
Early In The Morning (Bartley/Hickman)
Another song which has been recorded by artists too numerous to mention (Robert picked it up from Ray Charles), this was a fairly ordinary set filler.
Evil Woman (Weiss)
This Larry Weiss song (recorded by Canned Heat and Spooky Tooth) was played a few times only. PoB made their own studio recording, however, and this was included on a compilation CD released by MAS Records in October 2002.
Flames (Terry)
This was originally recorded by Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera (and was reputedly covered by Led Zeppelin in their early days). PoB's version had a rousing chorus line and plenty of organ. This song too was recorded, and can be found on a MAS compilation CD released in November 2003.
Girl From The North Country (Dylan)
A Bob Dylan composition, recorded with Johnny Cash during the Nashville Skyline sessions, this was played by PoB as a gentle folk song.
Gloria (Morrison)
Written by Van Morrison in his days with Them, this was a rousing climax to the act. Clap your hands and sing along - it's compulsory! G-L-O-R-I-A - Gloooriaaa!!
Hey Joe (Roberts)
The song is the Jimi Hendrix classic, once recorded as a demo by the Band of Joy. The PoB treatment was entirely different, although equally effective. Hey Joe was later played regularly by Strange Sensation and recorded on the Dreamland album.
Houses Of The Holy (Page/Plant)
One of my favourite Zeppelin tracks often popped up in the middle of other songs.
If I Were A Carpenter (Hardin)
Written by Tim Hardin, this was the only PoB song which had previously appeared on one of Robert's solo albums (Fate of Nations in 1993).
If 6 Was 9 (Hendrix)
This Jimi Hendrix song was introduced to the set towards the end of the tour.
I'm Waiting For The Man (Reed)
This Lou Reed song comes from the classic Velvet Underground and Nico album (the one with the banana on the front). PoB matched the VU sound for effect without simply imitating it.
I've Got Money (Brown)
This James Brown song was played a few times only.
Lazy Me (Mosley)
This was written by Bob Mosley for Moby Grape, another of Robert's favourite bands. PoB's version was powerful and melodic, and sounded better each time I heard it.
Live And Let Live (Lee)
Yet another track from Love's Forever Changes album, I heard PoB play this only once, but it seemed well suited to their style.
Morning Dew (Dobson/Rose)
This has been a favourite of mine since the sixties (I remember versions by Tim Rose, Episode Six and the Grateful Dead). PoB did more than justice to a classic song, which was later played regularly by Strange Sensation and recorded for the Dreamland album. A PoB studio recording appeared on a MAS compilation CD released in February 2005.
Move It (Samwell)
This Cliff Richard song was played a few times only.
No Regrets (Rush)
This Tom Rush composition was made famous by the Walker Brothers, although PoB played it with more feeling and less syrup.
Santa Claus Is Back In Town (Leiber/Stoller)
Originally written for Elvis Presley, this was performed around Christmas 1999.
Season Of The Witch (Leitch)
Written by Donovan, this was also recorded by Julie Driscoll and Brian Auger. PoB once used this to good effect as a set opener, and they later added a Robert Plant guitar solo.
Song To The Siren (Buckley/Beckett)
This Tim Buckley song was added to the set in June 2000. I heard it the first time it was played and it made a strong impression, confirmed by subsequent performances. This was another song later performed by Strange Sensation and recorded on the Dreamland album.
Southern Man (Young)
This Neil Young song (from After The Gold Rush) was soon dropped from the set, to my disappointment. PoB remained true to the original without simply copying it.
Thank You (Page/Plant)
This familiar Led Zeppelin song was played a few times towards the end of the tour.
Think (Brown)
The band seemed to enjoy playing this bouncy James Brown song. Apparently the original is played whenever Wolverhampton Wanderers score a goal, so perhaps Robert chose it for nostalgic reasons!
Trouble In Mind (Jones)
A traditional blues number usually attributed to Richard M Jones, this has been recorded by just about everybody (I think that Robert picked it up from Muddy Waters). This often closed the set, and sometimes Robert played the guitar.
Turn On Your Love Light (Scott/Malone)
Another oft-recorded song (once covered by Them) was usually coupled with ...
We're Gonna Groove (King/Bethea)
Released on the Coda album, this is the only song recorded by Led Zeppelin which PoB played regularly. It was usually embellished with extracts from other songs, and sounded very different from the Zeppelin version.
White Rabbit (Slick)
This Jefferson Airplane classic is one of my favourite songs of all time. A welcome addition to the set, the PoB version was as brilliant as the original. It's hard to resist the temptation to describe it as a very slick performance!
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