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This page lists other sources of information about Led Zeppelin and Robert Plant. The list includes other web sites, books and fanzines which cover Led Zeppelin and their music, in particular those which have a good reputation or which I have found to be useful or interesting. I have not attempted to include every information resource, nor can I vouch for their accuracy. When you click on a link below, the linked site will open in a separate window.

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Web Sites about Led Zeppelin and Robert Plant Electric Magic
Electric Magic was originally a noted Led Zeppelin fanzine. It is now one of the largest web sites devoted to Led Zeppelin, and is maintained by Sam Rapallo.

Tight But Loose
The Tight But Loose fanzine was established by Dave Lewis in 1978. The TBL web site, maintained by Martyn Lewis, includes a full news and tour watch service.

The Robert Plant Homepage
Dave Cebulski's site provides extensive coverage of Robert Plant's solo career.

Achilles Last Stand
Jeff Strawman's site has grown so big it needs the mighty arms of Atlas to support it!

Alex Reisner's Led Zeppelin Page
Alex Reisner's site also has plenty of information relevant to Led Zeppelin fans.

Official Led Zeppelin Site
This official band site concentrates on the most recent audio and DVD releases.

Official Robert Plant Site
This too concentrates on current releases, and includes band profiles and tour dates.

Manic Nirvana
This is another unofficial site which concentrates on Robert Plant's solo career.

Led Zeppelin Live
This site from Germany contains information (in English) about the band's live recordings.

Buckeye's Led Zeppelin Page
Bruce Deerhake has a directory of Led Zeppelin resources and other Zeppelin features.

The Garden Tapes
Eddie Edwards analyses the material on the official Led Zeppelin live releases.

Led Zeppelin Classic Rock Concert Photos
Bruce Remer's site features his concert photos, including over 40 of Led Zeppelin.

IndexBooks about Led Zeppelin and Robert Plant

Led Zeppelin: The Definitive Biography
Underwood-Miller 1993, Virgin 1993, 1999
Written by Richie Yorke, this probably is the definitive biography, with extensive quotes from the band members. The original edition also covered their solo careers up to 1993. The 1999 edition has an extra chapter and is sub-titled "from early days to Page and Plant". The book includes a discography of official and bootleg recordings.

Led Zeppelin: A Celebration
Omnibus Press 1991, 2003
Written by Dave Lewis, a respected Led Zeppelin chronicler whose books are cited as a valuable information source by many web sites (including this one). This book has an extensive reference section with a discography and details of TV and video footage and concert dates. The 2003 edition is in a more compact format.

Led Zeppelin: The Concert File
Omnibus Press 1997, 2005
Compiled by Dave Lewis and Simon Pallett, this is a detailed Zeppelin chronology, with setlists and pictures. The band members' solo careers are covered briefly in appendices. The 2005 edition is in a more compact format.

Led Zeppelin: Dazed and Confused
Sevenoaks 1998, Carlton 1998
Chris Welch provides a track-by-track description of every Led Zeppelin studio album, plus the new material on Remasters and No Quarter. The book includes a Led Zeppelin history and many photographs.

Led Zeppelin: A Visual Documentary
Delilah/Putnam 1981/82, Omnibus Press 1982, Perigee Books 1986
Compiled by Paul Kendall, this is a lavishly illustrated chronology of the band. Still on the shelves after all these years, it has also been published in Spanish as Documento Grafico.

The Illustrated Collectors Guide to Led Zeppelin
Collectors Guide Publishing 1984 to 1998
Compiled by Robert Godwin, this is a detailed discography covering the official and bootleg recordings on vinyl and CD, with tour date listings. The Collectors Guide is also available in CD-ROM format, and is now in its sixth edition.

Hammer of the Gods
William Morrow 1985, Ballantine 1990, Pan 1995, Boulevard 1997
Written by Stephen Davis, with input from Richard Cole, this unofficial biography helped to fuel the mythology about Led Zeppelin and was denounced by the band. The book is a mixture of fact and rumour, with rumours about sex and satanism more prominent than facts about the band and their music.

Stairway to Heaven
Harper Collins 1992, Simon and Schuster 1993, Pocket Books 1997, 2004
An unapproved "biography" written by Richard Cole, Led Zeppelin's tour manager, with Richard Trubo. Also unloved by the band, this delivers more gossip than hard facts.

Led Zeppelin: Live Dreams
Margaux Publications 1993
A "photographer's visual history of the Led Zeppelin live experience, 1972-1977". Compiled by Laurance Ratner, this is an expensive but superior limited-edition collector's item. There is also a supplementary volume entitled Live Dreams: The Out-Takes.

The Complete Guide to the Music of Led Zeppelin
Omnibus Press 1994, 2004
Written by Dave Lewis, this is more about the songs than about the band, with full details of each album and each track. The original edition covered the "ten album legacy" and the remastered boxed sets. The 2004 edition adds brief notes on the BBC Sessions, How The West Was Won and the Led Zeppelin DVD.

Led Zeppelin
Carlton 1994, Orion 1994
Chris Welch charts the band's career and catalogues their music. There is also a limited edition which includes an interview CD.

The Photographers' Led Zeppelin
2.13.61 Press 1995
Compiled by Ross Halfin, this sets out to be the definitive pictorial record of the band. The book contains over 350 pictures by 23 different photographers, including Neal Preston and Halfin himself.

Led Zeppelin Live
Hot Wacks Press, Collectors Guide Publishing 1996
An "illustrated exploration of underground tapes" compiled by Luis Rey, this features concert reviews, photos, and a bootleg discography, matching concerts to specific bootlegs.

Led Zeppelin: The Press Reports
Collectors Guide Publishing 1997, 1998
Robert Godwin has collected and reviewed over a thousand articles from around the globe, collated here in chronological order. The second edition includes a pre-Zeppelin section covering 1963-1968.

Led Zeppelin
Vision On 2002
This is an "independent photographic history" containing a collection of Led Zeppelin photographs by Neal Preston, with an introduction by Dave Lewis.

The Tight But Loose Files: Celebration II
Omnibus Press 2003
Written by Dave Lewis to supplement his 1991 book A Celebration, this provides further insights into key episodes in Led Zeppelin's history and the later solo careers of Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones.

When The Levee Breaks
Chicago Review Press, MQ Publications 2003
Sub-titled The Making of Led Zeppelin IV, this Led Zeppelin biography by Andy Fyfe makes the writing and recording of the untitled fourth album its focal point.

Led Zeppelin Talking
Music Sales Limited 2004
This story of Led Zeppelin is based on their own words and was compiled by Dave Lewis.

Whole Lotta Led: Our Flight with Led Zeppelin
Citadel Press 2005
This was written by Ralph Hulett and Jerry Prochnicky to chronicle Led Zeppelin's "12-year flight" from a fan's perspective.

Led Zeppelin 1968 - 1980
Backbeat Books 2006
Keith Shadwick's book combines a history of the band with reviews of their music.

Led Zeppelin: The Origin of the Species
Chrome Dreams 2006
In this history of the band members' pre-Zeppelin incarnations Alan Clayson explores the origins of Led Zeppelin to identify "How, Why And Where It All Began".

The Rough Guide to Led Zeppelin
Rough Guides 2007
Nigel Williamson compiled this overview of the band and their music for the Rough Guide music series.

Whole Lotta Led Zeppelin
Voyageur Press 2008
This "Illustrated History of the Heaviest Rock Band of All Time" was compiled by Jon Bream.

When Giants Walked the Earth
Orion 2008
Rock journalist and writer Mick Wall aims to provide the definitive biography of Led Zeppelin.

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