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The HI 20 Hot Ink Coder
A Solution for the printing of continuous-web

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- Coder for printing onto continuous-web materials
- Suitable for new or existing packaging machines
- Variable speed upto 60 metres/min
- Large print area
- High quality print consistency
- Fully integrated electronics
- Simple to set-up and operate

Technical Information . . .
Printing Area:  
Up to 40mm x 40mm
Package Length:  Minimum of 80mm between print centres
Production line speed:   5 metres to 60 metres per minute
Cycle Rate:  Upto 750 prints per minute
Printing type:   Engraved brass/silicon rubber
Printing ink:   Thermofusable plastic (various colours)
Electrical Supply:   220 - 240V ac  50Hz, 110V ac 60Hz
Triggering:   Micro switch, proximity switch, or photoelectric cell.