Bibliography of Mining Publications
on Welsh Mines
Listed below is a collection of books relating to Welsh mining. They vary in content and age but all provide parts of the picture. the publisher of record is noted but many of these works are out of print.
For the rarer volumes Club collections, and Public libraries can provide sources.
Author                                Title                                                         Publisher

Agricola G.                     De Re Metallica                                                                      Dover Publications
Bennet and Vernon         Mines of the Gwyder Forest                                                    Gwyder Mines Publications
Bick and Davies              Lewis Morris and the Cardiganshire Mines                              Aberystwyth University of Wales
Bick David                      Frongoch Lead and Zinc Mine                                                N.M.R.S. British Mining No. 30
Bick David                      The Old Copper Mines of Snowdon ia                                   The Pound House
Bick David                      The Old Metal Mines of Wales parts 1—6                             The Pound House
Bird R.H.                        Yesterday’s Golocondas                                                        Wood Mitchell and Co.
Borrow George               Wild Wales                                                                            Collins
Burt, Waite,                     Burnley The Mines of Cardiganshire                                       N.M.R.S. / Exeter University
Colman and Laffoley        Beneath Snowdon The Brittania Copper Mine                        P.D.M.H.S. volume 9
Crewe Peter and Susan    Early mining in the British Isles                                                Plas Tan-Y-Bwlch
Davies D.C.                     Metalliferous Minerals and Mining                                          Crosby Lockwood and son
Dodd A.H.                      The Industrial Revolution in North Wales                                Cardiff university of Wales Press
Foster C. Le Neve           Ore and Stone Mining                                                            Charles Griffin and Co.
Foster-Smith                    The Mines of Cardiganshire                                                    N.M.R.S. British Mining No. 12
Foster-Smith                    The Mines of Montgomeryshire and Radnorshire                     N.M.R.S. British Mining No. 10
Francis Absalom              History of the Cardiganshire Mines                                          Office Liaison Sheffield
Hall G.W.                        The Gold Mines of Merioneth                                                 Griffin Publications
Hall G.W.                        The Metal Mines of South Wales                                            Griffin Publications
Hughes Simon S. J.          The Cwmystwyth Mines                                                         N.M.R.S. British Mining No. 17
Hughes Simon S. J.          The Darren Mines                                                                   N.M.R.S. British Mining No. 40
Hughes Simon S. J.          The Goginan Mines                                                                 N.M.R.S. British Mining No. 35
Jones O.T.                       Lead and Zinc. Special reports on mineral resources No 20     H.M.S.O.
Lewis W.                         Lead Mining in Wales                                                             Cardiff university of Wales Press
Lindsay Jean                    A History of the North Wales Slate Industry                            David and Charles
Liscombe and Co            The Mines of Cardiganshire and Montgomeryshire                  S.J.S. Hughes Talybont
O’Brien William               Bronze Age Mining                                                                 Shire Publications
Prichard R.J.                    The Rheidol United Mines                                                      N.M.R.S. British Mining No. 27
Vernon R.W.                   NAMHO Mining Heritage Guide                                            Ryton Typing Service
Waller William                 A description of the Mines of Cardiganshire (1704)                 Reprint
Williams C.J.                   The Lead Mines of the Alyn Valley                                          Flintshire Historical Society
Willies and Ford (Ed.)     Mining Before Powder                                                             P.D.M.H.S. volume 12 No 3

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