• Dog Walking

Daily dog walking tailored to your dog's individual exercise requirements. Our typical dog walking routes are designed to please all types of dog from the walkers and swimmers to the chasers and sniffers! We walk daily in Kilmarnock and surrounding areas as well as Ayr/Prestwick and surrounds.
If compatible, your dog may be walked with up to 3 other dogs (never more) to enhance fun and socialisation.

  • Home Boarding

Your dog can come and stay in our home while you are away overnight or on holiday. They are treated as part of our family and as such have all the expected home comforts (including a spot on the couch).
Dogs staying with us are NEVER left unsupervised other than at bedtime!!

  • Pet Sitting

We can visit your pet in your home to feed, water and amuse as required. As an added benefit we can open/close curtains, collect mail etc if you are away overnight. This service is best suited to cats and small animals as we do not recommend dogs be left alone overnight unless necessary.

  • Doggy Day Care

Your dog can come to our home for a day or part day. Typically they will enjoy walks and playtime with Beanie (our daft dog). They can also be fed if required. We can collect and deliver your dog if so desired.

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