Cambridge Latin Course
Anagrams 2

A game that randomly scrambles the letters of words or phrases. Click in the space below to start; work it out for yourself first(!), click again to see the solution, then click once more for a new anagram (sometimes it may be a different anagram of a word you've already had). It is acceptable to cheat to start with (this is politics) - but the second time around you should be able to do it - the words will be the same although the anagrams will be different.

Politics and Elections

Best attempted after you've finished Book 1 Stage 11. There are Latin words for local and national politicians - and would-be politicians, the people who supported them, the place where they canvassed, and the building where the elections took place.

praefectus:appointed by emperor Nero to run Pompeii in AD60
comitium: a building in south-west corner of the forum where voting took place.

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