Cambridge Latin Course Magnetic Words No 1

On the blackboard you can move the words around to make 5 Latin sentences and their translations.
  • Hint - each one has a word in the DATIVE case (so you'll need to have got as far as Unit 1 Stage 9) You should be able to make many different sentences which make sense - but you can reveal a possible set of answers below.

  • Each sentence should have a noun in the NOMINATIVE, a noun in the DATIVE, a noun in the ACCUSATIVE and a verb (ending in -t). Try to get the 4 words in each Latin sentence in that order.

  • Hint - try picking out the 5 Latin verbs , then the datives etc

  • If you really think you are good (I nearly typed god!)when you've run out of words, you can add new "magnets" by SHIFT-clicking in a vacant area of the applet (then type what new letters you want on the magnet piece).

  • Or you can change the existing ones in the same way - try changing singulars to plural and vice versa (don't forget that means you'll have to change the verb too - from eg ostendit to ostenderunt!)

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iuvenis servo pecuniam dedit The young man handed over money to the slave
dominus mercatori statuam emit The master bought a statue for the merchant
Clemens puellae vinum offerebat Clemens was offering wine to the girl
Quintus amicis discum ostendit Quintus showed the discus to his friends
servi leonibus cibum dederunt The slaves gave food to the lions