Suicide of AjaxAjax [in Greek Aias], son of Telamon, was the tallest and strongest man in the Achaean force - and as a fighter reckoned second only to Achilles. He is a man of few words, however, and so lacks one of the essentials of a complete hero. His drawn duel with Hector in Book 7 proves that the Greeks can't win without Achilles. He's often in action with the "lesser" Ajax, son of Oïleus, who scarcely emerges as a separate personality. His future after the Iliad is tragic: although he carries Achilles' corpse from the field, he is not awarded the armour as a prize - this goes to his opposite, the wily Odysseus. Ajax plans to murder the leaders in revenge, but is driven mad by Athena and kills a flock of sheep instead. Shamed and humiliated, he commits suicide.